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Link whitening is a rather old technique. Specialists actively use it somewhere since 2001. But despite the fact that the topic is not new, it still works, and it works quite effectively.

This Internet entrepreneur focuses not only on the creation of white money sites - he also spends a lot of time and effort to increase the reference mass. And this is exactly what the link whitening method is aimed at. When used correctly, this method will eventually allow you to collect an unlimited number of links for future projects. And this is its true value. It will also save time on finding backlinks in order to direct it to the development of other projects.


Our goal is to create a network of links bleaching sites whose main task will be to get one-way back links to money websites from other webmasters in exchange for a certain bonus (link, product listing, etc. .). We will redirect these backlinks to our white sites. Now I will explain how this is done.

What is a website - link bleach?

In a nutshell, a website - link bleach is a regular niche site that requires a counter link from other webmasters, with the only feature that the counter link is put not on the site itself, but on another project you specified.


First of all, we need to create a reliable platform. You can do this in different ways, the main thing is to find an idea how to attract other webmasters to link to you. In fact, any site on which the link exchange script will stand is suitable here, but since we need a lot of links, we will have to wiggle our brains a little. So that you understand in which direction you need to think, I will show you one example.

Create your own program directory. Such catalogs are built quickly and require minimal effort to advance. Within a short time, Piarist software resources will want to place their programs and applications in your directory in exchange for some traffic and a reciprocal link. A little advertising and, perhaps, a listing in DMOZ - and at least a dozen new registrations per day are provided for you.

For the catalog you can use the free script from this site. This resource regulates and controls the activity of shareware-program directories and PAD-file standards (files that contain basic information about the program). Previously, they handed out free packages, the so-called Pad Kit. Since they are not doing this now (I didn’t find one on the site either, maybe I’ve been looking badly for it - a note), I posted the latest working version of the package.

Download PAD Kit 2. 00. 09

After you put the script on the site, you will have to tweak a little over the file submit. php (the page that webmasters will go to in order to submit an application for hosting their software). Make it so that the webmaster should place a link to your site before the PAD file is approved, and specify which site they should link to. Add a small window with html-code to the page so that the webmaster can copy it and paste it onto the website.

At this stage we will make a site - bleach of links from a simple catalog of programs. Create a MySQL or text database on another domain. Add to this database the url, anchor, and reference count (the default is 0) of your money sites. Make file submit. php called this database before the registration page opens. Also make the script pick up the site with the least number of backlinks. In other words, to place your program in your directory, the webmaster will have to put a link to one of your money sites. Now you understand what I am talking about?

A bit of advertising, and in a few months your software catalog will start attracting hundreds of subscriptions a day. Some subscriptions will be executed manually, some on an automatic or semi-automatic machine. For example, the program Robosoft provides semi-automatic registration. The main work is done manually, but the program automatically fills in all the required fields. As a rule, the webmaster sets a page for such a program on which she must put all the counter-references, which the program then does.

Other programs create such pages themselves, depending on the requirements of various directories. Then they simply load the page with links to the site and that’s all - there’s a one-way back link to your white site. However, such programs often create separate pages that are not indexed by search engines, so you have to collect the addresses of such pages and feed them to search engines.

Here you have your own bleach of links, which will automatically deliver your money sites from several dozen to several hundred links per day. Do not forget to put ads on the site so that he can work out his domain and hosting.

Everything can be made easier

The program catalog is just an example. To create such a directory, you need a certain experience. Of course, this is a good example, because such a site may give backlinks in batches, but it is more for professionals. Start with something smaller and simpler. As I said before, any site with a link exchange section is suitable. You can create a semblance of a niche Wiki site and add a link exchange script there. Here's how you can make such a site, for example, on real estate:

  1. Collect information on each individual state (in this case, we take the United States). These should be general facts: census data, flag, largest cities, economic development, average property prices, etc. If the budget allows, you can do the same for each individual city and county. Put a few backlinks to this site and make a good design.
  2. Add a section at the bottom of the pages, for example, "Useful Kansas Real Estate Websites" .
  3. Hang up on the site to monetize traffic somehow. Do not worry about the ranking of the site: webmasters will find it, even if it will be in the fifth ten of the issue. They are looking for back links, not information.
  4. Add a link exchange script similar to the one we used for the program directory.
  5. Limit the list, for example, to 10 links, so that after filling the list, the newest links can push the oldest ones (The method is clearly not white, so you can decide whether to use it or not). You can also add your own links there.

Actually, you can create any kind of website. The main thing is that it attracts a large number of people willing to exchange links. The more links you send in this way to your white projects, the naturally better. This can take a lot of time, but believe me, in the future it will pay off handsomely!

Such link bleachers not only give weight to already existing sites, but can also become a good springboard for new projects. After you add a new site to the main database, it will immediately start typing everything and so on until you stop this process. When you reach 10k backlinks per day, you can start sharing them with other entrepreneurs (for example, 50 links per day). This will allow you to get more relevant links. If, for example, your partner has whitening sites in niche A, and you have the same sites in niche B, and you are selling a product related to niche A, a link exchange will help you increase the weight of sites in niche A.

As I said, the whitening of references is as old as the world. Many have been using this technique for the past few years. You also do not interfere with this.


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