Link trading in Sape without AGS

Selling temporary links through the Sape system is a good type of earnings that can be used with any platforms.

A huge number of webmasters are already working with such links, but some are confident that this is a direct site path under search engine filters.

Trading links in Sape without AGS is real, you just need to learn a few simple rules. The sale of links is not in itself a gross violation, because many large projects are monetized through links, but do not fall under the filters. How do they do it? Consider the most important points.

Link trading in Sape without AGS

How not to get a search engine ban for selling links?

  1. Content quality. One of the most important indicators, which is worth paying attention to. Search engines will definitely appreciate the quality of site content, and in addition, Sape itself does not accept resources with generated content. Here you can add that the better the materials on your site, the better the behavioral factor will be, and this is the ideal protection against AGS.
  2. Scope of articles. Under the filters even those sites that have unique content and links are not sold are included. One of the reasons for this is too short posts. When adding new articles to the site, make sure that their volume exceeds at least 2000 characters, otherwise the site may fall under the filters.
  3. External links. Everything is simple, the less external links on the site, the better. Ideally, it is best to monetize through Sapa sites that have not previously been used for these purposes. Remember that after registering with Sape, the external link mass will increase dramatically, so it’s better to remove or close all links that were set before.
  4. Start of work. You can not just create a site, add a few articles to it and immediately start earning. We'll have to wait at least six months or a year, so that all pages are indexed and the site has received at least some kind of trust. Also during this time, we advise you to increase the TIC and PR site, so that links bring more income.
  5. Number of links sold. Greed has destroyed many webmasters who, not paying attention to all the warnings of search engines, added a huge amount of external links. The ideal link volume is no more than 2x on one page. Making money on Sape is better to focus on quality, offering a higher price, but selling fewer links (buyers will also appreciate this).
  6. Location of links. Most webmasters hide links sold in separate blocks of the site, but this is not correct. Yes, you get a little money for the added links, but it is better to make them contextual. Writing links in the text, you increase their naturalness, and this is the best way to hide them from search engines.
  7. How many links to sell. To determine the appropriate number of common sold links, you need to build on the number of pages on the site. Most often, links are added to all pages, but it is better not to do this, leaving at least a small portion of the content without links. For example, from a site on which 250 pages, install 200 (or less) links.

Link trading in Sape without AGS

You can earn money on Sapa and not go under the filters, and it is not at all difficult to do. Thanks to these recommendations, you can increase your chances of not going under the AGS, however, a 100% guarantee cannot be given, because search engines struggle with corrupt links and often punish webmasters for this.

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