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Link buying art - Profit Hunter In his recent article, Brian Cheppel described in detail the steps involved in buying links that can either push your site to the top search engines or destroy it.

Let's forget for a while about the ethical aspect of buying links and sabzhevyh statements by Matt Kats and get to the point.

So, the list of what you shouldn’t do is:

  • do not buy links in groups or blocks;
  • do not buy links in the basement of the site;
  • do not buy links on irrelevant sites;
  • do not buy links only in blogs;
  • do not buy links only in forum signatures;
  • do not buy links only on sites from zone. edu;
  • Do not buy links only on sites from the zone. gov;
  • do not buy links only on link farms;
  • do not buy links on sites that make up a large network and sit on the same IP;
  • do not buy links only from brokers;
  • do not buy links on sites that are full of links to your competitors;
  • do not use the same anchor for all links;
  • do not refer only to the main page of the site;
  • do not buy links only in sidebars;
  • do not attach great importance to toolbar PR;
  • do not burden the anchors of the links with stop words;
  • do not inform Matt Cats about when and what sa s you bought links.

Now that you definitely need to do:

  • buy links in the body of the page (in the text);
  • buy links on indexed pages;
  • buy links on pages with recently updated cache;
  • buy links on sites with related topics with your site;
  • buy links on old trust sites;
  • buy links for a long time. (From time to time, check if the page with your link from the index has fallen out.)
  • contact the site owners directly and agree with them about buying links;
  • link to internal pages;
  • distribute the purchase of links in time, so that increasing the link weight looks as natural as possible;
  • for a certain number of links, use the URL of the page as an anchor;
  • buy links on completely new pages that are still did not have time to index the search engines;
  • buy links to popular pages, so you get not only reference weight, but also traffic;
  • diversify everything that can be diversified: link anchors, link building speed, link location on pages ...

Despite all attempts by Google, paid links still remain a very effective way to promote websites, so use it with maximum efficiency. However, be very careful if your site is young - Google will send it to the sandbox with the greatest pleasure for the slightest puncture.

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