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Link Building Secrets - Sponsorship and One More Thing - Profit Hunter This is the final article in the “secrets” series. If you have something to add Linkbuilding theme (and not only), and you want to share this with other readers, write to me - I will gladly publish your material as a guest post. (The note should either contain an element of novelty, or be a detailed study of a proven method.)

Now to the point.

Rand Fishkin:

When you search for sites for your links, add the word sponsor or charity ( Sponsor and donations / charity respectively.) Such “paid links” do not fall under the filters and, as a rule, go to the trust pages of trust sites.

Suppose you need to raise the site in the issuance of the phrase chicago real estate . You make the query chicago "real estate" sponsor charity and get a huge list of reliable sites that you can contact on the issue of charity (read the purchase links). If you are not satisfied with the results, you can always modify the query: expand niche or geography of search, or both, immediately.

Bob Gledstayn:

My methods are very simple. Here is what I use:

  • niche directories (I register for others and sometimes I create my own);
  • professional organizations;
  • YouTube videos with a back link to the client’s website in the description;
  • bl ogging and other types of content distribution, which allow to consolidate the client's credibility in a niche;
  • analysis of competitors 'links (as a rule, in those cases when it is obvious that competitors' sites are obliged to link to their high positions).

and what I try not to do:

  • I do not send emails to owners of other sites with an offer to exchange links;
  • I do not register the site in all directories and I restrict myself only a few proven resources;
  • I don’t trust anyone to work on link building;
  • I rarely use I use press releases - only in those cases if the client really has something to present to the market.

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Link Building Secrets - Sponsorship and One More Thing - Profit Hunter


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