Link Building Secrets - Google Alerts - Profit Hunter

Link Building Secrets - Google Alerts - Profit Hunter To somehow diversify the course on CPA marketing and SEO jungle from BlueHatSeo, I launch another small series of articles 🙂 Now on back links . The entire series consists of 3-4 articles, each of which will reveal one or two link building secrets from prominent Western SEO users. Not all methods are crystal white, so you decide whether to use them or not.

Today, “shoot the topic” will be Eric Ward.

Using Google Alerts to search for sites for linking

When properly used, Google Alerts allows you to find trust sites that can be placed Your links (free or for money). This method does not work in all niches, but it is free.

Suppose you need links for the site http: //

Link Building Secrets - Google Alerts - Profit Hunter

As you can see, this is not some govnosayt, so webmasters will not be ashamed to refer to it. (Here is the proof.) This moment is very important, because they are all than to put a link to your website, they will look at what it is and what is behind its main page.

Now open Google Alerts and set up sending notifications on request: "useful travel sites” library-travelchannel site :. edu

Link Building Secrets - Google Alerts - Profit Hunter

Create two notifications: one for type Comprehensive , the other for type Web . Now, every time the Google bot goes to the educational library site, where there will be a list of travel sites, but there will not be a Travel Channel site, you will receive a special alert. After that, all you have to do is to contact the owner of the site and agree with him about placing a reciprocal link to your resource.

To expand your search, change your search query, for example, to useful travel links or helpful travel websites , and not be limited to the zone alone. edu .

Website promotion for the Ukrainian segment of the Internet.

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