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Link Building Secrets - 301 Redirect, Top Commentators and Disagreement Game - Profit Hunter Another portion of useful tips from bourgeois SEO experts.

Michael Gray:

In most cases, increasing the reference weight of the money pages where you sell a product is not easy, which is why many webmasters create information pages, collect backlinks and then put on this page 301th redirect , so that the entire reference weight is transferred to the page with the product.

This is an effective method, but it can also be diversified. Why not throw away the redirect and immediately transfer the product offer page to the downloaded URL, and assign another address to the information page? With the right approach and a certain amount of luck, you can get some more additional links.

Debra Mastaler:

Find blogs where the plugin or widget “Top Commentators” stands and make a list of the most active commentators. Then visit their blogs, see what they write about, leave a few comments and over time, suggest to the blog author to place your guest posts with him.

(And don’t forget to benefit from the plugin / widget itself - Note.)

Peter da Vanzo:

Number links often depends on the relevance and popularity of the subject to which the site or page / section of the site is dedicated. Polar opinions and actively discussed by visitors and site owners.

Collect information on the topic, highlight the arguments of the opposing sides and write a good article criticizing both approaches. Of course, you should not insult or humiliate anyone, but you still need cause a lively reaction from the audience who are interested in this topic.If you do everything correctly, the influx of backlinks and visitors from forums, blogs and social media you can not avoid. 🙂

This is pure linklinking.

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