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This method of promoting content projects and online stores, which I found on the Earner's Blog blog, is not new, but quite effective. To bring it to life, you will have to make some effort, but it's worth it.

Link building and profiles on social sites - Profit Hunter

Social Network

First of all, you need to get a spreadsheet editor like Excel and a notepad like Notepad . You will have to write a lot of information, so without these programs is not enough.

Most of the social sites, forums and bookmarking sites offer to have their own profile. Even better, on the profile page you can put a separate link to the main page of your site, as well as bookmark individual pages.

The purpose of this method: to create 100+ profiles and link them among themselves and with other sites . If you succeed, you will have a network of more than a hundred sites with a fairly large reference weight, which you can send to your partner site or store at any time. Moreover, you can choose the anchor links yourself.

Over time, the reference weight of each individual profile will only increase, which will contribute to links from other profiles and internal links from the site. In addition, the linking of profiles will not allow individual profiles to go into an additional index or, even worse, completely drop out of the issue.

Once your network (even if it has only 10 profiles) is ready, you can start “feeding” your sites with good external links. In fact, there is nothing difficult. You just need to work a little.

Creating an Excel spreadsheet

Create a separate file and write down all the information about your profiles in social networks. For convenience, you can also select a separate sheet for each individual site. Here are examples of such sites:

  • Digg: digg. Com / users / username
  • Flickr: flickr. Com / photos / username
  • Myspace: myspace. Com / username
  • Sphinn : sphinn. com / user / v iew / profile / username

For each profile, mark the following information:

  • Username and password if you use different data for different profiles.
  • Status of a profile page on Google: whether it is indexed or not.
  • Sites to which links from profiles lead and link anchors.

Basic list of 20 sites

All sites from this list do not have the no-follow attribute. Next to the site name is the address where you can find your profile, and which you will need to pump up the reference weight using other profiles.

  • Any Vbulletin: forumname forum. com / member. php? u = userid
  • Technorati. com: technorati. com / people / technorati / username
  • Searchles. com: searchles. com / people / show / username
  • Digg. com: digg. com / users / username
  • Backflip. com: backflip. com / members / username /
  • Bibsonomy. org: bibsonomy. org / user / username
  • Faves. com: faves. com / users / username
  • Wink. com: wink. com / p / username
  • Simpy. com: simpy. com / user / username / links
  • Markaboo. com: markaboo. com / people / username
  • Rawsugar. com: rawsugar. com / user_account / user_profile? username = username
  • ma. gnolia com: ma. gnolia com / people / username
  • Furl. net: furl. net / member / username
  • Propeller. com: propeller. com / member / username /
  • Indianpad. com: indianpad. com / user / username / bookmarks
  • Care2. com: care2. com / news / member / userid
  • Plugim. com: plugim. com / user / username / history /
  • Blogmarks. net: blogmarks. net / user / username
  • Spotback. com: spotback. com / users / leosatter
  • Socialogs. com: socialogs. com / profile. php? id = userid. cmd = submitted

Do not forget that these sites may ban your profile, so think twice about which site and which pages to link to. To check if Google has indexed your profile, copy the profile URL (without http: //) into the search box, for example, www. propeller. com / member / username /.

Thanks to the Seo for Firefox plugin, you can check the number of external links to your profile pages. With his help, you will find new social sites. To do this, periodically check competitor backlinks.

Try to vary the anchor links and internal pages of the site to which you will link. If you send the entire link weight to the main page, it will look unnatural. Also try to stretch the increase in reference weight over time. Do not put 100 links to one site in one day.

When you create new profiles, they will need to be promoted - bookmarks and links from other profiles. Consider this when planning future actions. Also, do not try to create about fifty profiles per day. Search engines can figure you out.

And do not forget that with the skillful use of a proxy, you can create several profiles on the same social sites. However, here be especially careful and cautious.

Good luck!

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