Leveron Investment Fund, profitable deposits

Every Internet user has ample opportunities to invest.

Now many companies have been created that are ready to take control of capital of any size and scroll through it, increasing it several times . You can only trust those who have already achieved success, earned a good reputation and receive positive feedback.

Leveron Investment Fund offers its customers to invest in trading. You do not have to learn anything and conduct transactions, experienced traders will do it for you.

The most important thing is that the scheme is transparent, reports can be observed even without registering on the site, so you will not be worried about the safety of funds.

Leveron Investment Fund, profitable deposits

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Reliable and profitable contributions to Leveron

The project was launched by two successful traders. Initially, they launched their own broker Leveronfx, and after some time decided to ease the investment and opened a fund.

In March 2014, Leveron was launched, and in a little over a year, the organizers managed to achieve serious results:

Leveron Investment Fund, profitable deposits

Now the company There are regional offices in 6 cities of Russia and the CIS. Among the company Leveron Group has already created several separate projects that will be useful to all whose activities are related to Forex.

To give you an idea of ​​all the possibilities with the Leveron Group, let's consider their projects separately:

1. Leveron. The main resource for investors. It offers different conditions for deposits, as well as detailed information about the company. Daily information on the last day, month and general indicator is published on the main page:

Leveron Investment Fund, profitable deposits

Only by this information can we evaluate the profitability of investments. Of course, the indicators are not stable, because the Forex market is not predictable and some transactions remain unsuccessful.

Investors are offered three tariff plans with different conditions:

Leveron Investment Fund, profitable deposits

Each tariff has advantages. In the "On Request" tariff, the lowest investment threshold is only $ 50, and you can also add or withdraw the amount of your deposits. In a stable tariff, you will have to invest from $ 500, but you can withdraw money every day.

The long-term tariff is the most profitable, you can join it from $ 200, but you have to wait for the entire investment period to get paid.

Please note that the figures show approximate percentages, not maximum ones (as many investment projects like to do). As a rule, the profitability is slightly higher:

Leveron Investment Fund, profitable deposits

This is the statistics for the last few months, as you can see, the schedule did not fall below 10%.

All you need to do is to register, refill your account and transfer money to one of the selected plans. At the same time the site has visual instructions, presentations and much more.

A trader using start-up capital from depositors Leveron is open and everyone can observe his statistics:

Leveron Investment Fund, profitable deposits

There are months in his statistics, with using this you can evaluate his work for a long time:

Leveron Investment Fund, profitable deposits

If you have long thought to transfer your capital under the management of experienced traders, now you have a great option. This is not just a PAMM account, it is a whole service where experienced and competent traders work on increasing capital.

2. Leveronfx. Forex broker included in the Leveron Group. In general, the service is not much different from analogs, with the exception of modern design.

For conducting transactions in Forex, the usual MetaTrader 4 is used, there is the possibility of opening a demo account, and there are many ways to withdraw and replenish the deposit.

Leveron Investment Fund, profitable deposits

Here are some trading conditions from broker Leveronfx. com. In addition to classic trading, you can open a PAMM account here or transfer capital under the control of other traders. The site has a list of open accounts for deposits:

Leveron Investment Fund, profitable deposits

Choose a suitable account and invest money. The percentage of return may be higher than that offered on the Leveron main site, but the risks are much higher.

3. Leveron. Information portal for traders. Here are constantly laid out useful materials and all kinds of analytics. Details are considered different currency pairs and other assets.

For making forecasts, such tips are invaluable:

Leveron Investment Fund, profitable deposits

In addition to analytics, the site has a section for training. There are laid out all sorts of webinars, online briefings, different types of market analysis and many other useful materials. Information is useful not only for beginners, professionals will also be interested.

Learn, trade and invest with the Leveron Group, this company has already led to the success of many people.Well, that different conditions are offered, you can choose the option that is suitable for you, this distinguishes the Leveron Group from many other companies.

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