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In connection with the constant lack of free time (I hope this will pass by the summer) I decided to start an active search for the authors of guest posts. For the same reason, the marathon that I started will have to be held for some time.

In the meantime, I hasten to bring to your attention a very interesting review of the NetPromoter 09 conference in my opinion from an eyewitness.

Hello friends. This is my guest post for ProfitHantera. My name is Koltun Gennady, I am from the city of Minsk, I keep my blog on SERP. by. My post will tell you about the trip to the NetPromoter 09 conference and the main benefits that I learned there from the presentations of the speakers. I do not in any way pretend to be complete, but present my subjective view of the reports. Perhaps something will be interesting to you. So, let's go!

Anar Babayev, director of advertising and marketing for Biplan, told in his report on several important points when promoting client sites.

First, the work of the optimizer should start from the search for "sores" on the site being promoted. It is desirable to do this with the help of automatic and semi-automatic scripts. Very often the client site is made without looking at the search engines. But a website on an SEO-friendly CMS can “optimize itself.” Anar also noted that it is desirable to control changes occurring on the website. And scripts should also do this. If necessary (for example, when hosting “falling” or hacker attack) The “alarm button” should turn on.

Secondly, Mr. Babayev sounded the problem of predicting the future traffic. He said that there are many “dummy queries” that are not really popular among living people, but statistics they are actively nac is handled by different parsers.

And thirdly, it was useful to once again hear about the importance of snippets in issuing. Very often optimizers chase the site position in the issue, completely ignoring the annotation that future potential visitors will read. A successful snippet can significantly increase the CTR of the site. You can read more about creating a snippet in works published on the Yandex server.

Sergey Lyudkevich, known by the nickname Wolf, has long and productively studied the algorithms of Yandex. It was he who at one time almost guessed the ranking formula. This time Sergey shared the following observation:

(today we have) the practical absence of contextual restrictions in Yandex, moreover, the actual combination of the default content of a document and its anchor file into one search area

Sergey also told about the quorum and expressed the opinion that today "the quorum in Yandex is set up in such a way that incomplete passages have almost no chance to pass it." You can read more about the quorum in the Yandex report at ROMIP 2004.

Marked Sergey and filter questions on the affiliation of sites that Alexander Sadovskii later revealed that there are dynamic pairs of affiliate sites. Both sites can be shown for one request, and only one can be shown for another request. Their important role in determining the affiliation of sites is played by their snippets to this request.

Third reporter - Evgeny Trofimenko - devoted a significant part of his report to using the Yandex query language for issuing analysis. As a task for self-training, I suggest you check several queries in action:
seo + seo
seo ~ seo
seo ~~ seo
seo ~~ ”seo”
seo -seo
seo - "seo
seo ~~ !! seo
, and other interesting options

Account Manager with key partners of Sape. Common crawl en Konstantin Leonovich tried to answer two questions in his report:
what links to buy in order to get high positions in issuing substations?
which links to remove in order to save the budget and reduce the risks of sanctions without losing the achieved results positions?

There were a lot of recommendations in the report and discussion: you need to strive for “naturalness”, evaluate links “likelihood, as PS do”, think about the future (today links from footer blocks of 20 can work, and tomorrow such a reference mass can also do harm), etc. From ebya want to note that a tool like SeoPult. ru often copes with these tasks just to cheer.

Mikhail Raitsyn tried to put together alternative methods of increasing the reference mass. Were listed as traditional methods, such as directories, rubrics, link exchange, posting comments on blogs and forums, and more modern ones. For example, job cards on job sites, social networks, social bookmarks, popular newsletters (which many simply parse automatically). Special attention was paid to services like Blogun and Miralink, which allow you to place links “forever.”At the same time, Blogun can be used not only for SEO purposes, but also for getting into the top Yandex blogs. Approximate figures were even announced: hundreds of live blogs and dozens of “thousanders.” It is also worth thinking about viral marketing, contests, bonuses, useful services and lists. Summarizing at the round table, Mikhail noticed that there were more ways to get a link than bought ones. just webmasters are lazy. ”

In his report, Alxander Sadowski shared interesting facts about Yandex visitors, lifted the veil of secrecy on possible innovations (some of them are already working) and answered questions. I believe that his speech deserves a separate mark, therefore I will not dwell on it in detail. If there is a response, I will prepare another guest post.

The last among the individual speakers was Nikolay Evdokimov, the technical manager of the SeoPult project. ru. Sevris SeoPult grew out of an attempt to automate the promotion by Unmedia, which today has more than 600 client sites on promotion. In general, SeoPult works as follows:
analyzes competitors, and collects the links they purchased through the exchanges.
selects the most appropriate query pages on the promoted website
based on a given budget , purchasing links on sites that have put competitors in the top (while link anchors can be generated automatically or set manually)
removes links that were not indexed on time (you can also manually set a filter for removal) or do not satisfy the other couple meters

The work continues until the indicated positions have been reached or the reference budget has been exhausted. From my own experience I will note that SeoPult copes with its tasks perfectly and allows saving not only time but also money.

And then there was a round table and a buffet table, but about this I will keep silence +

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