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This review is for serious moneymakers . I will explain why. The affiliate, which will be discussed further, works in real goods and services from real brands and brands. What does the affiliate program offer and what kind of products do you need to work with? A question like “How much can I earn?” Is at the end of the review. I think you yourself will understand what kind of fish is here. Now we’re talking about the main thing and get to work.

High and constant demand

Poatnerka works with goods and services that today and next have high demand , replaceability and modernizability . What is this about?

1. Mobile phones

Legal earnings from AnyCent. com - Profit Hunter Do you think that mobile phones are the most common devices on earth? With their rapid development, phones already make up I want competition for laptops. This is a product of both today and tomorrow. There will always be demand for it. AnyCent. com has its own interesting flavor when working with such a group of goods. Namely (I quote ):

We offer niche strategy for working in this market - technological goods at an aggressive price.Our partner is a powerful Chinese manufacturer of mobile devices, the main advantages of which are innovation, modern design high quality and reliability. We focus on those consumers for whom the brand does not matter more than the actual capabilities and quality of the phone itself.

Example of a working mobile phone site

2. Batteries for laptops

Legal earnings from AnyCent. com - Profit Hunter A battery is a consumable item that is replaced every 1-2 years. In an era of technological electronic progress, even in difficult times, people will replace batteries for their laptops. After all, today a laptop is an office, a job, a means of communication, etc. Considering the fleet of laptops around the world, there is enough work for everyone.

The advantage of such a product is that the level of competition in the market is average.

Example of a working site for a laptop battery store

3. Providing Title Search services in the US real estate market

Legal earnings from AnyCent. com - Profit Hunter What is Title Search? Title Search is a property title check. Real estate is always a hot topic, even with those recessions in the US market. In conducting Title Search, unpaid mortgages, errors in the execution of documents, violations during construction, claims for property, improper examination of property, the tax status of the object, etc. are identified.? questions about the legality of owning real estate.

The result of Title Search is the “cleaning” of the Title - correcting the violations found. After Title Search, the property can be sold with a guarantee of the legality of the transaction.

This product will be of interest to serious people and entrepreneurs, people with business habits and businessmen. This niche also affects all layers.

Example of a working site for Title Search services

4. Designer clothes

Legal earnings from AnyCent. com - Profit Hunter I personally have not seen such an assortment with affiliate programs. I found in the list of 120 brands such brands as Gucci, Armani, Cappalo, D. G Junior, Hugo Boss, Prada b, etc. "Are these expensive clothes, who will buy them like that?” All products are stock and have prices 60-70% below the prices of branded stores and boutiques. The average order price for this type of product is $ 280.

The advantage of this product category is regular customers. Statistics are stubborn and say that about 20% of visitors to clothing stores become permanent buyers. Very well intertwined here (for work) marketing e-mails, announcements, etc. This is a social product.

An example of a working site for a designer clothing store

5. DVD players and GPS systems for a car

Legal earnings from AnyCent. com - Profit Hunter Americans move more on wheels than on legs. Typical American spends about 17 hours a week in a car. It's almost a day a week, driving. A car is like a second home for an American. They love them, what can you do. And we love them as customers in our stores. An important side of this product is the creation of comfort.

The quality and functionality of automotive electronics is improving every year, developing its manufacturability. In practice, the presence of a navigation system in a car becomes the norm.

Example of a working site for DVD players and GPS systems for a car

6. Digital photo and video cameras

Legal earnings from AnyCent. com - Profit Hunter

In 2011, the number of digital photos that will be taken that year around the world will exceed 60 billion.

These products are one of the most profitable segments in the world market due to their modernity, sales volumes and demand. Through the Internet, sales of only mobile devices exceed 2 billion dollars per year. Having your own% of this volume is an attractive topic.

Comments are unnecessary for this category of goods.Mobile phones, laptops, digital technologies are the future. The number of printed photos is calculated in billions per year.

Example of a working site for digital photo and video cameras

Responsibilities of the parties

Do you like the product with which we have to earn? The question “how many” I think is understandable.

What do we need to do and what are the responsibilities of the affiliate program? This is a normal question. Each side has its own range of tasks and responsibilities.

AnyCent . com

  • professional platform that connects your stores and manufacturers of goods
  • direct supply contracts with manufacturing enterprises
  • real implementation of warranty obligations, exchange and return of goods
  • customer support 24/7
  • guarantee timely and accurate payments
  • legal goods
  • tools for work: a script store, integrated on almost any engine, because it is based on AP technology
  • support
  • payment earned on WebMoney , Wire, Paypal, Epass


Webmasters have much less responsibilities. For a stable developer, the webmaster needs to do what he can best - a good selling website and its promotion (although in part this is also the AnyCent task. com ).


Affiliate is serious and you can register to participate in it only by Invite . And I understand why. Patnerka works with serious western products. For interested parties, please for an invite to contact Profit Hunter .

That's all. All the necessary information on the work and recommendations on the types of goods you will find both on the site itself and in the store's control panel (after registration).

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