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Before the start of Autumn Marathon, a few hours remained.

But ... there are still some tools that I did not have time to cover in the Workout. This is the Thirty Day Challenge, Facebook and Skype forum.

The last two are not directly related to the Marathon, but if you work in a team, they will be very, very useful to you.

Everything is simple with the forum. Sign up and use for your pleasure. Information on earnings on the Internet in the context of the Autumn Marathon there is a sea. But she's all in Yank language. If you are weak in English, this is an extra reason to learn it. Such knowledge will not be superfluous.

I found some general information about Facebook here. If you have met more detailed description of the service in Russian, please leave a link in the comments.

There’s nothing to tell about Skype. The program interface is intuitive and absolutely simple. All information about him can be found on the official website.

Do not forget to install Pamela - a free application to Skype, which allows you to record a telephone conversation with another Skype participant (in the free version up to 15 minutes). You can download it here.

And do not forget to report the Marathon to all your friends, relatives and other relatives. They will definitely like it.

So, three ... two ... one ... START !!!

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