Landing page does not help, what to do? traffic conversion

For the realization of information products, a landing page is required on which all necessary information will be presented, even start-up entrepreneurs know about this. Unfortunately, after the creation of the landing page, not all of them sharply increase sales, and there may be several reasons for this.

Landing page does not help, what to do? With such a question, quite often beginner Internet businessmen come to the forums. As a rule, among the answers most often there are such options as "The information is incomprehensible" or "The page is not beautifully decorated."

Observing such answers, you have to wrestle with, at what stage was the mistake made, and what is better to change? > When a landing page contains too many different information, product catalogs, payment methods, purchase instructions, and more, visitors can really get lost. The data should be clearly structured, so instead of a one-page site you can try to correct the situation by creating a funnel.

On this site you will have several pages in which detailed information will be presented separately. For example, the list of pages may be as follows: Unique offer, product catalog, shipping information, payment page. In principle, you can use the text from your sales page, you just need to divide the data into several parts.

After you create the funnel, use the tools to collect statistics. A great option is to create a “Goal” on, which will help you get invaluable information about which page most buyers leave from your site. When you determine the stage at which customers are screened out, you will understand what needs to be changed.

Landing page does not help, what to do? traffic conversion

Many entrepreneurs can say that using a funnel is less efficient, because a visitor will have to visit too many pages, but on the other hand, this is ideal for obtaining statistics and identifying weak spots on the landing page. In addition, in some cases, the funnel becomes much more efficient than the landing page.

Finding the best option for advertising is possible only through trial and error. Experiment and apply different marketing strategies, choosing the most effective options for yourself, and improve them yourself.

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