Kwork - how to start earning?

The freelance niche is developing rapidly, the demand for professional services is constantly growing, and more and more projects are appearing on the network, which requires the involvement of assistants.

Businessmen do not have time to perform all the necessary actions, therefore they are looking for other people who are ready to work for money.

Service is a new generation of freelancing, where each artist is paid 400 rubles. Here you can add your service and wait until you receive an order.

The system has been running for almost a year and during this time many customers have registered with it, therefore, the offers are received continuously.

Kwork - how to start earning?

How does Kwork work?

Everything is done in such a way that even beginners can figure it out. This is a freelance exchange where customers pay a fixed fee of 500 rubles for the services provided.

Why then did we first indicate that the freelancer gets 400 rubles? The remaining 100 rubles is a service commission.

Now many different services are offered here. Experienced professionals offer assistance in the promotion of channels, site optimization, development of design elements and much more. Perhaps you will also benefit from their services:

Kwork - how to start earning?

Services are very diverse, but the fee is fixed. You need to think of how you could help other people, but consider that they pay 400 rubles.

Therefore correctly choose the amount of work . For example, if this is the creation of a video, then you can pay for one video. And if you are ready to place ads on the boards, it is better to specify a larger number.

Of course, in terms of the volume of orders and customers, the Kwork website cannot be compared to an exchange. Nevertheless, it has its advantages - it is a simple and free registration, the ability to create as many kworks (your services) and a user-friendly interface.

What services can a beginner offer?

Even if you are not a professional optimizer or a master from another area, you can definitely find a client on Kwork. There is a lot of routine work that is extremely simple, but it takes a lot of time.

Want to try, but don't know which quark to create? Here are a few options:

  • checking the site texts for errors;
  • writing comments;
  • placing links in social groups. networks;
  • promotion of accounts in social. networks;
  • writing texts of a complex subject;
  • recording a video call about a product or service;
  • communicating with customers by phone;
  • think of a slogan or company name;
  • I will register my mailboxes;
  • I will decipher audio / video to text;
  • moderation of communities on social networks.

Without serious skills to do this kind of work, it’s quite real. You will be paid a fixed 400 rubles, but you will need to perform the amount of work specified in the quark.

If this is the placement of 20 links in blog comments, then there should be just as many of them. Administration monitors customer integrity on both sides.

How to start making money on Kwork?

First, go through the usual registration and confirm Email. After that, fill out the profile, in the same place, indicate the WebMoney wallet, only you can receive payments to it. If you do not have it, register Webmoney, it takes a few minutes.

Then you need to log into your personal account and create a kvork (page with your services):

Kwork - how to start earning?

A page will open where you will need to specify the full information about the service provided. . The amount cannot be changed, the category must be chosen correctly, and the description must be written no less than 100 characters:

Kwork - how to start earning?

You will also need to specify what information you need from the buyer. This may be information about the company, a link to the site, some wishes, the size of banners and so on.

In the tags indicate the popular words associated with your services, to make them easier to find. Also choose the correct deadline not to break the deadlines:

Kwork - how to start earning?

The final step in creating the Quill is to download the logo and additional images. In the list of images, you can click "Select" and add any image.

It is better to use examples of your work, they will later be displayed in the list of services. If the service is related to video, add a video:

Kwork - how to start earning?

These are all the necessary steps to create a service page. Now it remains to wait for one of the clients to contact. He will write to you, and you can discuss all the details of the order.

After work, you need to wait for the check, only after it the money is transferred:

Kwork - how to start earning?

There are many successful freelancers who earn Kwork decent money. Think yourself by creating a quark on writing some articles, how many orders can you complete? Even if you write only 3 texts, your income will be 1200 rubles, and this is a good amount.

The pages with the services of freelancers look like this:

Kwork - how to start earning?

As you can see, it displays detailed information, estimates, information about the performer himself and the number of orders he has completed.

Please note that we did not randomly choose this example. This freelancer has been on the site since January 2016 and during that time he has already completed 108 orders. Consequently, his total income amounted to 43200 rubles.

If you are ready to carry out various orders and are looking for customers, use the best freelance exchanges.

Finding work on the Internet with Kwork is even easier and many have already taken advantage of it. The amount of profit constantly jumps, but to fix this, you can add several quarks at once and process applications in different directions. Do not be lazy, add services right now, if someone is interested in your help.

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