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With the support of: The Central Bank again lowers the refinancing rate to 12%

A charitable choice for The 30-day marathon became the organization Kiva , with which this year even created an online online store, all of whose revenues go to the fund Kiva .

Kiva is the first Internet company that allows people to extend micro-credits to entrepreneurs around the world to borrow money to poor people, and give loans to unique business projects in third world countries. M organization's issue Kiva - to unite people through lending in order to reduce poverty and poverty. The people you see on the Kiva website are real and need funding and support. You can go to the site Kiva - www . kiva . org and view the profile of the entrepreneur, choose who to give a loan and thereby help the real person to do a big step towards its economic independence, improve the lives of yourself, family and your society. The loan is usually given for 6-12 months, and on-line or you can receive a report on payments by email. And when the loan is returned back, you can again lend to someone.

Cooperation with Kiva began in 2007 after auction 30-day marathon.

The team consists of 39 people, the number of loans issued was 316, which is about 8 loans per month, and loans were issued for 10 750 usd . On the website, you can get acquainted with the borrowers in detail, see what they spent money on, see the photos and statistics on the gender separation of borrowers, national composition and countries. Loans cover various segments of the market, such as food production, farming, farming, selling fish, and opening small trading shops and workshops on all kinds of repairs, Cambodia is in the lead, having received 17.7% of loans, and some countries of the former Soviet Union are not in the last places.

The online store offers a large assortment of designer T-shirts, baseball caps (and other clothes), men's and women's, of all sizes and colors, the profit from sales of which goes to Ornaisation Fund Kiva and further distributed to loans.

Organization Kiva very grateful to the 30-day team Marathon and express their appreciation on their website.

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Kiva - Profit Hunter


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