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KinoVip is an affiliate program to sell videos from the KlikTeam team.

What is unique about KinoVip :

1) KinoVip sells legal films. Hence the stability of the work. As far as I remember, they have been working since 2007, while other affiliate programs selling warez live only a few weeks.

2) 5 video formats: DVD, DivX, PDA, iPod, LQ

3) A good traffic envelope due to the affordable cost of movies:

• DVD 2. 99
• DivX 1. 99
• PDA 0. 99
• iPod 0. 99
• LQ 0. 99

4 ) Constantly updated base of films. Today it is more than 3. 500 items!

5) High download speed

6) Deposit by VISA or MasterCard. Three replenishment options:

* $ 19. 95
* $ 29. 95 + bonus $ 10
* $ 49. 95 + $ 20 bonus.

How to work with KinoVip?

Traffic can be sent directly, but note that KinoVip is targeted at English-speaking customers, which means that the traffic needs an appropriate one. In the promotional materials you can find:

• banners of various sizes (728 * 90, 468 * 60, 125 * 125),

• content export via JavaScript into an ad unit (you can place a list of movies on site with loading covers and titles),

• keyword database with a list of movies and various keywords in CSV format.

You can also create your own stores. Currently available shops on the engine and Pilani WordPress. The engine will run on PHP 4. 3. 2 and up. You also need a relatively new CURL (tested on versions 7. 12. 3, 7. 13. x). On PHP version 5. 2. 0+ instead of CRUL, the engine can use fopen () + traffic compression. The engine does not use databases. All information is obtained from the server KinoVIP and cached. The cache is updated every hour and its size can exceed 1GB. The cache can be cleared by deleting all files from the / apis / data / cache folder.

Readable URLs are generated after 404 errors, without using mod_rewrite. For each request, the engine sends 200 code to the client, however, depending on the web server used, 404 errors may appear in the logs. In search. html, in the comments, it is written how to build URLs. Links can lead to almost any other format using mod_rewrite.

Various templates to choose from in / system / application / templates. Graphics, CSS and JS scripts - in / content.

Well, and as for earnings . With each sale you get 40%. In this case, each buyer is tied to your account and for all subsequent sales, you also get your 40 percent. With sales referrals you get 5%. Withdrawal of money on request, no strictly regulated dates. The average envelope is $ 65 with 1000 visitors.

Registration for KinoVIP is only by invite, so those who are really interested are knocking.

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