Keywords, how to select keywords correctly?

When creating a website or intending to sell quality articles, you must learn the basics of creating SEO texts.

One of the basic rules for creating SEO articles is the use of keywords, which novice users even realize.

Keywords are the queries that are most often used when searching for information on the Internet. In other words, in order for your articles to appear as often as possible in search results, you will need to use special phrases or individual words.

Keywords, how to select keywords correctly?

Use of keywords in the text

Especially for this, there are services, such as from Yandex. Thanks to these projects, you will be able to enter one of the words on a specific topic and then receive query statistics from which you can select keywords.

The interface is quite simple, and even if you are a beginner, you hardly have any problems:

Keywords, how to select keywords correctly?

The image shows an example of using Wordstat, with the query "Business" . As you can see, in this statistic there are other words and the number of queries. Before using this or that form, it is necessary to take into account the number from the column "Views per month".

Keywords, how to select keywords correctly?

How to choose keywords correctly?

Newbies using the Wordstat service often come from general topics of the resource and thus make mistakes . To get really effective words, use the exact names of the goods or services.

When choosing the right words, imagine yourself in the place of a participant in your target audience and try to determine exactly how the request will be drawn up in order to get the most accurate keyword.

With how many impressions per month is it best to use keywords? The answers to this question from the experts are different. In most cases, it is advised to use keywords that are accompanied by a value from 2 to 10 thousand impressions per month.

Why shouldn't you use words with a maximum value? The fact is that such words are already occupied by trust sites and it will be very difficult for you to compete with them in issuing, therefore you need to use less frequent words and phrases.

Optimization of the texts must be taken into account when filling in the sites, because without using keywords and without promoting your site, you will hardly be able to achieve a qualitative development of the project.

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