Keyword tips, project Keyword-suggestion-tool

Searching keywords has to deal not only with optimizers and site owners, but also with copywriters in order to speed up sales and interest regular customers.

Enough programs and services have been developed to search for queries, but mostly they are designed to work with


And what if you need keywords for other search engines or even for promotion on YouTube? A project has been created specifically for this. With it, you can get keyword hints for different projects and foreign search engines.

Keyword tips, project Keyword-suggestion-tool

Popular searches for Google

To search for keywords for promotion on Google you will have to register as an advertiser, which is not very convenient, but thanks to the Keyword-suggestion system -tool. com will not do this.

After going to the site, you can simply specify a request and find the most popular matching keys. Despite the fact that the system is foreign, the interface is simple and easy to use:

Keyword tips, project Keyword-suggestion-tool

Choose a resource where you want to find popular queries, enter any key and define a country. For example, let's try to get the key hints in Google:

Keyword tips, project Keyword-suggestion-tool

The system selects the most popular queries in seconds and displays them in a list. If you compose a semantic core, then for easy copying, click the button "Get My Keywords", where you will be offered 2 types of list of keys:

Keyword tips, project Keyword-suggestion-tool

Too few options? You can click on any request that the service prompted you and get an additional list of keys:

Keyword tips, project Keyword-suggestion-tool

Unfortunately, the number of requests of all keywords and phrases , but the system determines the most popular options. If you wish, you can continue to click on the hints to get new lists, but sooner or later they will run out, since requests with a low frequency are not submitted.

Similarly, you can search for requests for Yahoo, Bing, YouTube and even Amazon. The language barrier should not cause problems, as it is easy to use the project. Use keyword hints for different PS, it will definitely affect your activities, whether you are a blogger, optimizer or copywriter.

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