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Keyword Modifiers and Top Positions - Profit Hunter I don’t know whether you are reading the SEO Design Solutions blog or not (if not, I recommend it), but I don’t have enough time to read and digest the information from this resource. Almost all entries from the blog go to Favorites.

(In the meantime, I want to thank Vsevolod Kozlov, the director of the School for Search Engine Optimization for announcing my earnings guide on the Internet. Thank you very much!)

It’s not like there are a lot of topics on this blog. On the contrary, I didn’t see anything special there. The authors simply describe the time-tested white optimization methods from different angles. In this article, they talk about how to use keyword modifiers to improve the site's position in search engines in the long term .


Of course, seo is not nuclear physics, but nevertheless successful website optimization for search engines requires considerable time s costs, and at each stage it is necessary to find the right balance of on-page and off-page factors. Only in this case will you be able to secure a stable position in the top for several competitive and many long key phrases.

If we draw an analogy with a plant, any site needs strong roots, i.e., the keywords and their modifiers scattered across the text of the pages, thanks to which the site subsequently goes to the top in a variety of queries. It is they, together with thematic links (with the right anchors) that will allow you to seriously and permanently take up positions on the front pages of the issue.

To choose modifiers for your specific site, put yourself in the place of a typical visitor and think about the phrases he can search for content similar to what is posted on your site.

For example, here are some categories of modifiers that your website can search for:

General topics :

  • Company
  • Services
  • Professional
  • Best
  • Top
  • Leading
  • Internet
  • Organization
  • Marketing
  • Business
  • Solution
  • Online

“Cash” modifiers:

  • Rates
  • Pricing
  • Deals
  • Affordable
  • Offers
  • Packages
  • Quality

Geo modifiers:

  • city
  • suburb
  • state (including abbreviation)
  • region, district, district, county (depending on the country )

For example, let's take the following case: you have a page that has been sharpened for a specific key New word and you want visitors to come to it on "local" requests.

To achieve this, you first need to scatter a few geo-modifiers in the text. Search bots today are so smart that they easily pull out the necessary keywords in the snippet (unless, of course, you have set the meta description for the page beforehand). So think twice before making a meta description. It may be worth shifting this task to bots. A couple of links with the right anchor, a long keyword, pulled out in the description by the machine, and you are in the top ten!

To increase the probability of getting to the top, use additional on-page factors:

1. Quotes . The text enclosed in the quote has more weight for the search bot than the rest of the text on the page. It is better to place the citation code higher (to the top of the page), put an html-anchor (#) on it and refer to this anchor of the text (the link text must be a key phrase with a modifier).

2. Links with keywords in the basement of the site . Of course, such links can not be put on every page, but proper use of links in the basement will help you promote the necessary pages for the necessary requests (just do not abuse it, everything should be in moderation). The same method can be applied to the promotion of a page, sharpened under a separate keyword, and not under some terrain, by geo-requests.

3. Using internal relink and nofollow tag. Links in the footer, limiting outgoing links to five from one page, using redirects and the nofollow tag - all this can be applied by you, the only thing is that for each specific site you have to look for your golden mean. If you have a page (1) with clean code, (2) text for 500-750 words, (3) keywords and relevant modifiers, (4) links from other PR pages and (5) high-quality external links, then you have There are all prerequisites for the promotion of the page in the top.

Now all you need to do is gradually increase the reference weight of the site and individual pages. If possible, use different anchors for external links (2-4-word key phrases with modifiers) to gradually capture more and more tops (and, accordingly, increase search traffic to the site).

For example, let's take a website that offers marketing services.The first thing to do with this site is to link up the most relevant and important pages. Ideally, link anchors should be different and contain themed keywords and modifiers. Over time, this will allow the page to climb on adjacent keywords (for example, if there are a lot of different anchors on the page containing the word dog, the page can be highly ranked by phrases with the words pet, puppies, etc.) For our example, you You can use these anchors:

  • Leading Marketing Company
  • Professional Internet Marketing Services
  • Best Online Marketing Professional in (State)
  • Affordable (Company ) Marketing Rates
  • Top Quality Solutions in (City)

In the long term, the use of these and similar anchors will bring the site pages to the top by the necessary requests. In addition to this, you can create individual pages, tailored for specific cities, states, etc. This will further increase your chances of getting into the top for long key phrases.

Conclusion: Fill the site with excellent (and optimized) content, send it to the thematic links pages and let the pages insist. Hurry up to nothing here, you work for the future. As soon as the main pages are fixed in the issue, take a minor.

Here it is, white optimization 🙂

Read more about this modifier.

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