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Key Shot Control Shot - Profit Hunter “Control Shot” is the logical conclusion of aiming fire on key phrases, the purpose of which was to choose a niche keyword and to reach the first position in issuing on this keyword. Despite the fact that only one work with narrow-head words Inquiries are a good way to make money on the Internet (in this case, on contextual advertising), you can further increase your profits by aiming at a relevant high-frequency search query.

This is what Courtney Tuttle tells in his article Introduction to Double Keyword Sniping.

When your niche mini-blog comes out on top in its key phrase, you should immediately take another, more popular and more competitive phrase into circulation: ideally it should be a phrase that collects maximum traffic in your niche .

When Courtney’s website, sharpened by the motorola cell phones keyword, climbed to the top of Google’s issue, Courtney immediately took up the phrase cell phones , whose popularity ranges from limits of 20 thousand requests per day.

Surely you think that it’s impossible to reach the top for such a phrase. This is hardly impossible in principle, but very difficult - yes. But the worst is not this: the worst thing is that many do not have enough patience, and they drop out of the race even before their efforts begin to bring at least some results.

Choice of the key phrase

As you probably noticed, the phrase cell phones already exists in the phrase motorola cell phones . This is the ideal option to which you should strive. And here, why:

  • Links with anchor cell phones will help you to gain a foothold in the issue of the phrase motorola cell phones (and vice versa).
  • You do not need to change the contents of the tag. title. , the phrase cell phones is already present there (the same goes for the tag. H1.).

Alternatively, you can use a less competitive relevant phrase, for example, motorola phones .

Integration of the second key phrase into the site

  1. Add the phrase to the tag. title. to an existing phrase (only if one of them does not contain the other, as is the case with cell phones and motorola cell phones ).
  2. Start adding external links with an anchor containing a new key phrase.
  3. Review all 10 posts on your site and add from each of them the link to the main page (use the desired anchor).

After all this, all you need to do is increase the reference weight of the site. Successes! 🙂

Meanwhile, Globator interviewed Rand Fishkin, the founder of SEOmoz, and Malevich posted a splendid selection of free RSS icons.

With support: What is being taught in America? Part I.

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