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Any work must be properly assessed. Beginners webmasters often do not use ready-made tools and do not want to learn, and you can give an assessment to everything, including the effectiveness of website promotion.

Without a serious knowledge base, it is impossible to verify how well the optimizer or the company worked.

What are KPI performance indicators? This is the data obtained from the statistics, which are measured by the results of the SEO company.

Control must be everywhere, the expected results must be achieved. In addition, KPIs need to be monitored in order to quickly react if something goes wrong.

Key performance indicators KPI | Workion. ru

Key KPIs

When doing any kind of work, you need to monitor what results you can achieve. This helps to determine the strengths of the chosen strategies, as well as clarify important factors.

Even if you promote a resource yourself, you need to look at the statistics as often as possible. It happens that the strategy has to be changed on the go.

Testing the work of the optimizer or the actions performed by yourself is carried out according to different metrics.

Here are some important performance indicators (KPI):

  • percentage increase in traffic;
  • increase in brand references;
  • sharing in social networks;
  • volume of link mass;
  • number of subscriptions to Email newsletter;
  • position change in search results;
  • increase in the number of site pages;
  • percentage increase in traffic conversion.

Using statistics from different services (for example, c), you can take measures and evaluate how effective the SEO company was.

Unfortunately, many optimizers do not properly perform their duties, and their clients are simply not able to really appreciate the work done.

Key performance indicators KPI | Workion. ru

What KPIs Should Be Used in SEO?

If you want to achieve some kind of result, you need to set clear goals for yourself. With the help of KPI businessmen evaluate the work done.

For example, by tracking the actions of a potential client on the site, you can determine at what stage he had problems and from which page he decided to close the tab. After that, you need to find out the reasons and try to fix everything.

Serious website promotion systems always rely on KPI. With the help of these indicators, they show the client that work is being done and everything is going according to plan.

In addition, professionals monitor statistics to make changes to the promotion strategy (if required).

Statistics services (such as) with all their useful functionality easily introduce newbies into a stupor.

When ordering promotion from professionals, customers simply cannot understand different data, graphs and other information. That is why KPI is used as an ideal option for evaluation.

None of the newbies will be able to competently evaluate the work of an SEO specialist, fraudsters profit from this. Therefore, it is important to learn how to take positions, follow different indicators, use statistics services, and so on.

Key performance indicators KPI | Workion. ru

When you don’t understand anything in SEO, but you really want to promote your website, it’s better to turn to experienced specialists for help.

In order not to be disappointed with the cooperation, as well as to be sure that the money is not wasted, use KPI. Performance indicators are used in other niches, by each professional.

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