Justclick Free Email Newsletter

To attract customers, and indeed the traffic, moneymakers use different platforms.

Someone creates a website, someone creates a group in social. networks, and some launch Email newsletter. The last option is quite interesting, and the most important thing is that now you can conduct your newsletter for free by email.

Free mailing from - another opportunity to launch a source of traffic, which is useful for different purposes.

At the expense of your mailing, you can attract referrals, sell affiliate products, search for buyers of your info products, and so on. And thanks to Justclick, it’s convenient to .

Justclick Free Email Newsletter

Why Justclick?

Experienced users will always ask why you should use Justclick, since He has many analogues.

There are several advantages that will make you switch to this service:

1. Free - the main advantage of the service, which will surely appreciate the beginners. There are paid tariffs, but you won't have to use them.
2. Creating pages - so that the traffic is well converted, you need to create landing pages, and here you can run them for free.
3. Payment methods - Justclick offers several ways to receive funds for sales (any payment, bank cards, mail and receipts).
4. Statistics - convenient and detailed statistics shows all the necessary data, even where the subscribers come from.
5. Collecting phone numbers - experienced infobusinessmen know how important it is to collect customer numbers, it helps to complete unfinished transactions.
6. Viral advertising - the essence of use is "Bring a friend and get free", here it is all easily customizable.
7. Time limit - a timer is set on all selling pages that forces people to quickly buy until the stock is over. You can also install it on Justclick.
8. Your store - without the cost and effort, through Justclick, you can run your own store and add any goods to it.
9. All goods information products that you will offer your subscribers, you can add to your own store and watch the sales statistics.
10. Subscribers can be divided into groups to conveniently divide the audience.

There are many advantages to the service, and you can start using it today. Even if you have a large base of subscribers for other services, it can be transferred here.

Justclick Free Email Newsletter

How to start a newsletter on Justclick?

Register with this system and then go to your personal account. There you need to use the "Mailing" menu block and first go to the subscriber groups:

Justclick Free Email Newsletter

Through this section you will add the already collected subscriber base, for this there is a special in the upper right corner Reference:

Justclick Free Email Newsletter

The base is transferred conveniently, for this you need to specify data in a special format:

Justclick Free Email Newsletter

Also here is a tool for automatic database transfer from a variety of other mailing services.

If you don’t have your base, and you only decide to start a newsletter, go to the section " Pages " and launch a special page through which people will subscribe. With the help of a convenient editor, you will quickly configure all the parameters on your page:

Justclick Free Email Newsletter

There is also a subscription form generator, with many different appearance settings:

Justclick Free Email Newsletter

The resulting code in the generator is enough to install on the page created earlier to collect subscribers.

To send emails, you can use instant or automatic mode. In both cases, a convenient constructor is used:

Justclick Free Email Newsletter

Each sent letter must be of high quality, therefore we advise you to learn how to arrange letters for distribution.

When using a free tariff, a 5% commission will be charged on perfect infoproducts sales.

In general, this is an excellent system through which you can run a free Email distribution and conveniently manage it. For infobusinessmen, this is an indispensable tool that allows not only to attract subscribers, but also convenient to sell their products.

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