June Traffic Report - Profit Hunter

So another month has passed. Blog attendance is slowly growing, almost getting to the mark of 500 visitors per day, although it seems that the people on the blog have diminished. Some kind of paradox. But be that as it may, visitors from other sites / blogs continue to come, and therefore I consider it my duty to thank the owners of these resources.

And, of course, I do not forget those who announced my Spring Marathon. Today, my thanks go to the author of the blog Rouser. net.

And here are the sites from which there were most transitions in June:

  • blog. dimok. ru
  • goldenone. ru
  • blograte. ru
  • blogproblog. com
  • shakin. ru
  • news. webmoon. ru
  • seo-critic. com
  • boltolog. developing. ru
  • forum. searchengines. ru
  • seonews. ru
  • maulnet. ru
  • seowriter. en
  • homelessin. blogspot. com
  • evgeniypopov. com
  • davydov. blogspot. com

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