Joseph Jagger - Roulette Legend

Do you also think that it is impossible to win at a casino and the owners of such establishments do everything so that no one can increase their deposit?

In part you they are right, but in the history of the casino there are a lot of interesting events when people really managed to become rich through gambling. And not everyone was lucky, some did subtle calculations and relied on their knowledge.

Joseph Jagger - the legend of roulette, who became famous for his impressive winnings. He took millions of francs from the roulette table, but it was not luck, but a competent calculation and use of tricks.

Joseph Jagger - Roulette Legend

How did Joseph Jagger win at roulette?

In 1873, Jagger visited one of Monte Carlo’s most popular casinos, called Beaux-Arts. He immediately went to one of the roulette tables and began to bet on certain 9 numbers. After a short time, he had already won half a million francs, but it was not enough to be remembered forever.

The next three days, Joseph came to the Beaux-Arts casino and continued to make equal bets, winning money. Other players, of course, noticed this and began to duplicate his actions. Only Jagger managed to win 2 million francs , and what expenses the gambling institution incurred because of those who duplicated his bets is difficult to guess.

The casino owners began to look for reasons related to Joseph's constant wins, and after a few days they managed to get rid of this cunning player. The table on which he played was replaced and when Jagger returned to the casino once again, he was waiting for a loss. He did not lose all the money, he realized that something was wrong and left.

What is his secret? Before he came to the casino, his people went there every day and wrote down all the numbers that fell on roulettes. Thus, Jagger managed to find a table with some defects, where 9 numbers most often fall out. Having collected the necessary amount for the start, he went for the winnings and his scheme worked.

Today it is impossible to repeat the success of Joseph. All online casinos use random number generators. And after this incident, the owners of real gambling establishments not only began to monitor the quality of the roulette, they occasionally change tables in places so that no one could repeat the success of Joseph Jagger.

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