Joomla Template Tips

Joomla content management system is no less popular than WordPress. It is chosen by webmasters because of its flexibility, i.e. a wider range of possibilities.

On the one hand, you have to figure it out; on the other hand, if you study everything, you can do it What WordPress Does Not Allow.

How to choose a template for Joomla? There are many sites where different designs for sites.

The choice is really big, so novices can quickly decide. To find such a template that really fits your idea, we have compiled several recommendations .

Joomla Template Tips

First of all, you need to think about buying a template or using a free one.

To be honest, it's better not to save money on this, because you risk accompanying a site that has copies. It is better to spend some money and buy a design for the site (great prices).

Even from paid templates you need to choose the right options. With this advice will help you:

  • choose only those templates that are created for your site type. For example, if a resource is being created about cooking, look for matching templates. The same applies to any other type of sites, otherwise you will have to redo too much;
  • estimate how optimized the template is for search engines. As a rule, developers of templates mention this, it is desirable that the site has everything you need for a competent optimization;
  • you must go to the site with a demo version of the template in order to assess the appearance and evaluate it with your own eye. See how quickly the site loads, whether everything works on it without errors and whether it is nice to be on it;
  • don't forget about the type of content being published. If you plan to fill the resource with pictures or videos, it is better to find templates that already have the necessary plug-ins installed, there are galleries or even a separate video player;
  • Having found a beautiful design, do not rush into buying. Look at the developer reviews, and compare prices. Too often, templates are created by unknown companies that only look good, and they are sold at too high a price;
  • it is better to choose simpler templates with beautiful graphics. When you install the engine with the template, where many different plugins have already been added, it is very difficult to figure out what is installed and why;
  • when choosing among paid templates, specify if further support is included in the price. Unexplained things can happen to your site at any time, and if you don’t understand this, then what will you do?

Be careful and do not rush to choose, because in the future you are unlikely to begin to completely change the design, besides, it can cause some difficulties.

The appearance of the site is the most important factor, it is estimated by visitors and search engines.

If you want your resource to become popular, you will have to work well on its design or find the best template. Consider every piece of advice from this article, and you will definitely find a good option.

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