joint business and project management - Profit Hunter

joint business and project management - Profit Hunter

Have you ever worked on projects in a team? In a team, as a rule, each participant is allocated a certain piece of work. Often, other parts of the project depend on the tasks performed by one participant. If someone slows down, then everything slows down. At the same time it is necessary to keep a regular report and notify others in the event of difficulties encountered.

In addition to performing current tasks, project participants exchange ideas, hold so-called forums, communicate via ICQ, keep their records, take notes, etc. Also, in collective projects there are common documents, standards, etc. that are stored in shared folders on the net.

And what if the project participants are in different cities or countries? The question of communication here is somewhat complicated. ... By and large, such projects can be classified as off-line. Why? Because the exchange of information and control over the process is carried out online unprofitable. ICQ or Skype, mail, phone and network - this is almost all.

And what if absolutely the entire process of working on a project is completely transferred to the Internet?

  • The entire office will now become electronic.
  • It is always clear who is online, who is working on what and at what stage.
  • There is an internal chat, forum, shared folders and more.
  • Easily keep track of task execution times.
  • Ability to conduct online surveys and polls.
  • Minimum paperwork and other red tape and unnecessary gestures.
  • Corporate social network: photos, videos, events.
  • Mobile version of the office.
  • In addition, project participants may be at least on different continents. Everything and everything is controlled in one click of the mouse. BUT? How do you like that?

joint business and project management - Profit Hunter

But this is already there. And it is called TeamLab . What is TeamLab ? This is a free platform for collaborating on projects . The application is provided in three solutions - SaaS , Open Source and AMI . Each type of project deployment is described in detail on the TeamLab website. Primarily designed for small and medium businesses.

A powerful tool for editing electronic documents online

07. 07. 2011 a multifunctional online editor of documents and spreadsheets was launched in addition to the existing editing using the built-in Open Office portal. This makes it possible to fully edit documents directly in a web browser. Moreover, the functionality itself is implemented in such a way that the work with documents in the browser is practically indistinguishable from the work of desktop software.

TeamLab - a powerful tool for freelancers

joint business and project management - Profit Hunter Distance to work, time difference, geographical location - these are often the problems that prevent freelancers from coordinating with the customer. The solution to this situation may be advanced SaaS solutions.

The new SaaS tool in the TeamLab project elegantly allows you to mix project management functions, with the ability to group data for different groups of freelance jobs.

In terms of strategy, a freelancer fairly saves time, keeps all his current tasks under control, sees what has been done and when. In a project blog or forum, you can discuss current issues or submit ideas. In the chat to correspond with the client, and in the general documents to lay out the finished work or receive new tasks.

If several performers are involved in the project, i.e. teamwork is envisaged, then all tasks are easily distributed among the participants. Dates are assigned that are monitored by system timers.

TeamLab. com is a project-platform. All created accounts for projects receive a third-level domain, such as profithunter. teamlab. com. Projects in TeamLab are closed. This means that only project participants can access the project data. Moreover, in the project itself additional levels of access to parts of the project can be assigned: full, read only or denied. Therefore, we can assume that the project itself is intellectual property. Such an opinion was expressed by the creators themselves TeamLab .

For small and medium businesses , on which the system is primarily oriented. It has all the necessary tools: a full-fledged forum, corporate blog, chat, scheduler, polls, mail, wiki, general documents (just like in OpenOffice), bookmarks, accounting and hiring of employees, company announcements and events ... and a hundred more chips. This is a full-fledged electronic office in the network .

What else? Describe the entire system in one review is unreal. There are a lot of manuals, video guides, examples, tips, screenshots and a blog in TeamLab. The system also knows Russian. So you can conduct all your business in a fully Russified interface.

I recommend to start exploring TeamLab to visit the “Review” page. This will give you a general idea of ​​the system.In this review I will give a video review of TeamLab. The text is in English, but visually everything is clear.

[youtube] http: // www. youtube. com / watch? v = JqFki4BUfvk [/ youtube]

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