Jobs as a copywriter on staff - no, thanks

We often tell about work in the field of copywriting on the Workion blog and offer beginners to try yourself as an author in writing articles for websites.

With exchanges like


, you can constantly find customers and consistently making money, but this work has a number of features.

Working as a copywriter on staff - no, thank you, this is how a professional should respond to a permanent job offer, for example, in a web studio. Why? - The majority will object now, but there are several reasoned explanations for this.

Jobs as a copywriter on staff - no, thanks

Why is working in the state not for a copywriter?

Maybe working in the state and helping to achieve stability, but for a freelancer this is important, but it’s a minus more activities:

  1. Fixed income. As well as the many millions of office workers, you can not jump over your head and earn decent money. As a rule, working in the state sets a certain salary, and many want to relax when money is not needed urgently and vice versa, to dive into work when problems arise.
  2. Continuous monitoring. Many authors who are not able to motivate themselves can consider this a minus a plus. If in order to do business, you need a “kick” from the management, you are not worthy, call yourself a professional. Every experienced copywriter is able to tune in to work and follows a clear work schedule.
  3. No glory. To achieve serious success in copywriting, it is necessary to increase popularity. Working on the staff, you can forget about fame, all the fame will not be yours, but the brand of a web studio or another company in which you are employed.
  4. Difficult tasks. If a free copywriter can easily refuse a complex order, then a state employee is simply obliged to comply with all requirements of the management. All authors know that sometimes orders come in which it is better to refuse than to waste time. Even if the payment is decent, you need to properly assess your skills and capabilities.
  5. Excess work. You can’t even imagine how annoying the constant requests for help from the company's employees are. It is also good if you will be paid for each correctly composed letter or a brief announcement, because sometimes the requests will be gratuitous. Moreover, it greatly distracts from the main responsibilities.

So, is it not worth working as a state copywriter? It is necessary to cooperate with companies, but it is better not to get into the state or work a maximum of a quarter of the rate.

Earning, thus, time becomes your enemy , and if there are any problems within the company, you will simply be left without work.

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