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Leisure and entertainment is part of our daily life. The Internet provides thousands of different gaming sites where you can play: poker, preference, blackjack, etc. At the same time play yourself just like that. Yes Yes. And this is possible. To make it easy for you to imagine, think about the games on the same mail. ru or social network vkontakte. No money required to play. In such games you can play with friends, organizing rooms. For example, the same poker. As they say, play without “straining.” It does not always work out to meet in real life (illnesses, weather ...). And online, please.

Games in social networks are held for regularly replenished points. Points can also be purchased separately (for Real denyuzhku), as well, you can additionally purchase gifts and statuses.

LiveGames. Ru - this is exactly the affiliate program that provides games for points. Virtually every web -master can acquire his own website of the gaming theme, pour traffic on it and get pleasure from increasing profit Immediately, I note that the affiliate is legal from the point of view of the law.

JackPot Webmaster - Profit Hunter

Why did I immediately mention legality on the move? The secret is (I repeat) that it’s not money that is charged in games , and points. Unlike casino affiliates and classic poker rooms, the partner does not risk winning the player. As winning points cannot be exchanged for money. This affiliate program is completely legal, the project does not offer gambling from the point of view of RF legislation .

Affiliate Program LiveGames. Ru exists and is actively developing since 2005. Already more than 2000 partners registered in the affiliate program worldwide.

Benefits for webmasters

  • The design of the game showcase has changed. So what? And the fact that according to the results of tests in March-April 2011, the new showcase exceeded all the financial indicators of the previous design version by half. This means that earning has become 2 times easier));
  • 2 ways of earning - for registration and for interest. In the pen you are paid a flat rate for registering a new player; in the second, you are paid 30% of the player's payments;
  • !!! earn even without having your gaming site;
  • Profit Statistics for the 1st quarter of 2011:
    • Monetization efficiency of general-purpose traffic = 1.45 (RUB / host per month);
    • Monetization efficiency for targeted traffic = 3.55 (RUB / host per month);
    • ARPU (average revenue per user) of the entire project = 49.5 (RUB / registration per month);
    • ARPU for targeted traffic = 90.8 (rubles / registration per month);
  • A player's account is for life tied to your partner account, and even on the main site the player will continue with each purchase be your profit;
  • Unlike downloaded games and all sorts of fun farms, as well as unlike “reading” other people's SMS and similar scammers, where only from the first purchase you can get a deposit - players given by an affiliate program LiveGames continue to bring financial profit to partners for years. We look at the screenshots:

JackPot Webmaster - Profit Hunter

JackPot Webmaster - Profit Hunter

And here is the screen for audience activity given January 2010:

JackPot Webmaster - Profit Hunter

Sign-up - the number of registrations; Deposit - the number of payments; Cash-In (usd) - the amount of payments in US dollars at the exchange rate for the last day of the reporting period. Players registered so much that the whole year the profits from them were dripping and dripping 🙂

There are special conditions for cooperation for owners of large Internet resources.

Another interesting point concerns ... In short, there is an official affiliate site where you will find answers to a bunch of questions.

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