It finally reached me ... - Profit Hunter

... why in Google Analytics, against those who visited only one page on the blog, in the column "Average length of stay on the site" are stably zero.

And all because the script counts only that time which the visitor spends on the site within clicks on other pages of the site, i.e., those who do not go to other pages of the site, according to Google Analytics, are not on the site at all, and, accordingly, the time spent on the 2nd page out of two or 10th out of 10, too, is not counted.

Such thoughts were suggested to me by seeing large numbers Zeroes in the statistics of the site, which is mainly search traffic and where to go to other pages does not make much sense (although I know for sure that visitors to this site follow affiliate links and click on ads). If this is old [:] \ / \ / \ / \ / [:], I ask you not to kick the comments in the comments - after all, I made this discovery for myself 🙂

It finally reached me ... - Profit Hunter

That is, I understand that the Google Analytics code only responds to input. But is it possible to add a line (theoretically) to it, which would react to the output from the site / page? And are there any tools (albeit paid ones) for calculating statistics that solve this problem?

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