Issues related to taxes and earnings on the Internet

Practically everyone who starts working in the network is interested in the taxation of electronic money. In this article we will consider all the issues relating to taxes and earnings on the Internet.

I would just like to note that in Russia and Ukraine, the laws on taxation of virtual earnings do not differ, therefore this article will be useful for residents of both countries.

I would like to start with the fact that e-money itself is not a currency, and therefore is not subject to any tax. In other words, there may even be a million dollars in your electronic account; the authorities will not be able to tax this amount.

Paying for various expenses from an e-wallet, you also will not be forced to pay taxes, the only associated expenses are fees for transfers. The situation is quite different if you withdraw money to a bank card. In this case, you are required to pay taxes , in accordance with the established legal norms.

It is not worth hoping that the tax service will not know about your profit, banks are required to submit reports to the tax authorities, otherwise they may be suspected of concealing fraud.

Issues related to taxes and earnings on the Internet

From what threshold are profits money taxed?

This is one of the most popular questions in the field of e-commerce. In fact, there is no fixed amount and, by law, you must pay taxes absolutely from any profit.

In practice, everything is much simpler, hundreds of thousands of people who withdraw money from the world wide web, do not pay taxes, and they don’t receive any fines or other taxes.

According to experienced users, banks transmit information about the arrival of funds only if too large amounts of money are transferred to the accounts of their clients (more than 700,000 rubles a year). If you get 15-30 tons. P. per month and put them on the map, you can not worry that the tax will be interested in your non-substantial profit.

Issues related to taxes and earnings on the Internet

How to earn money officially on the network?

This will require you to register as a private entrepreneur. As a legal entity, you can not worry at all about problems with taxes, but on the other hand, you will be forced to draw up profit reports yourself and pay a part to the tax authorities.

Every year the percentage of tax deductions increases, and many entrepreneurs are already expressing their dissatisfaction with the need to pay large sums. If you are a minor citizen and want to officially make money online, you have a chance.

According to the law, you can execute documents on your parents , but in this case, all duties will “fall” on their “shoulders”.

According to the law, tax authorities are obliged to inform the taxpayer that he needs to “give back” some of his funds. In other words, if the tax authorities are interested in your activity, you will receive a notice.

If you ignore the notice, depending on your income, you may receive a fine or even receive criminal penalties. In practice, quite a few such proceedings took place with those who received "modest" payments and did not pay taxes.

Based on all the information presented on this page, we can conclude that you can make money on the Internet, even if you are not a registered entrepreneur. Of course, it will not be entirely legal, but tax authorities will hardly be interested in such “small” deductions.

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