Is successful cybersquatting possible? domain resale

Resale of domains is one of the options for remote earnings, on which you can build a very successful business. Every year more and more domain zones appear, in which tens of thousands of domains with “beautiful” or sonorous names are sold out almost instantly.

Such a business is called “cybersquatting” and a huge number of people are engaged in it. The business scheme is simple - domain names are bought, and then put up for sale.

In the article Which domain to choose for the site? We told our readers about some registrars from whom it is possible to buy domains profitably. You can purchase them not only for your sites, but also for resale.

Is successful cybersquatting possible? domain resale

Cybersquatting - is it profitable?

It is impossible to be sure that after purchasing domains, you will be able to sell them at a better price. For this you need to conduct a competent analysis and take into account the demand.

An excellent example of successful cybersquatting was demonstrated after the annexation of the Crimea to Russia. News about the emergence of a new bank in Crimea spread at great speed and naturally influenced various niches, including entrepreneurs reselling domains.

How exactly? The domains suitable for the bank’s website began to be actively bought up:

  • CrimeaBank. com - 13. 03. 2014
  • CrimeaBank. com. ua - 17. 03. 2014
  • CrimeaBank. ru - 15. 03. 2014
  • BankCrimea. com - 17. 03. 2014
  • BankCrimea. ru - 15. 03. 2014
  • Bank. crimea ua - 12. 03. 2014
  • BankCrimea. com. ua - 17. 03. 2014

This list contains several domain names, and opposite them are the dates of their registration. The provision on the Crimean Bank was approved on the 17th and as you can see, in the coming days, domains have already been bought. Which of these domains will be purchased is still unknown, but its owner will obviously be able to earn extra money.

Is successful cybersquatting possible? domain resale

Is successful cybersquatting possible? Of course, if you learn to identify domains for successful resale. This example should push you to the idea that while engaging in this activity, you need to take into account not only new domain zones, but also follow up-to-date information.

IMPORTANT: The transfer of domains from one person to another is accompanied by an official statement that must be certified by a notary. In order not to do this all the time, cybersquatters send applications to the registrars for remote control, if you decide to engage in this business, be sure to do so.

You can sell domains in different systems, but the most popular exchange is. On this exchange, you can put sites, domains and sites without domains for sale. A sale is made through an auction, so you will have the opportunity to install a lot and check how much buyers are willing to pay you.

In general, cybersquatting is an excellent option for deposits on the Internet , but it is also a very complex activity.

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