Is it possible to live on 100 rubles a day?

Everyone’s income is different and sometimes there is really not enough money. Minimum income is not a reason for frustration, it is better to think about how to survive hard times and look for a job.

There is always a lot of it; you just need to know where to look and grab at every opportunity. But until you have achieved income, you have to count every penny.

Is it possible to live on 100 rubles a day? Surviving on that amount just will not work, because even the food takes more.

If we exclude the mandatory costs of utilities and products, then everything becomes much easier. The income of 100 rubles per day is about 3000 rubles per month, which can be enough for additional expenses.

Is it possible to live on 100 rubles a day?

What if you don’t have any money?

Reasonable savings help you live even when there are pennies in your pocket. First of all, we recommend that you find out how it helps to save the Internet.

As long as the budget is in a tight framework, you will have to give up almost everything. Well, if you live with someone who pays for an apartment and food, otherwise you have serious problems.

If you are currently experiencing serious money problems, an online loan of

can help you.

When there is barely enough money to live on, you need to seriously save. So that the problems do not become even more serious, here are some tips:

  • stop celebrating holidays in a big way, both yours and others;
  • be sure to read how to save on purchases;
  • turn on imagination, invent dishes, gifts, and so on;
  • temporarily refuse to buy even clothes;
  • make a menu for a week, buy only what you need;
  • go to soups, they are really economical;
  • think how to save on household chemicals (there are various tricks);
  • you have enough fun, it's time to look for work.

The last item on this list is the most important. If you do not quickly find at least a side job, in the future will be even harder . Sitting idle is not an option, and since you are reading this article, you have access to the Internet, therefore, you have the opportunity to work on the network.

Is it possible to live on 100 rubles a day?

Earnings on the Internet from 100 rubles a day

There is nothing to invest and do not understand anything in a remote part-time job? On the Internet, you can still earn at least 300-400 rubles per day.

Especially for this, services have already been created, just do not think that it is easy to collect money. Not experienced users are forced to work for several hours daily to earn normal amounts.

In order not to have to search for a long time, a selection of methods you can use today is made up for readers:

  1. Earnings on placing ads are as simple as posting ads in real life. With this no one raises large sums, but this option really comes in handy as a side job. There are many advertisers who are willing to pay for the creation of ads on the boards on the Internet.
  2. Earnings on comments is just as easy as the previous version. When choosing this method, you should be prepared to write a huge number of small texts. They may be asked to publish even in social networks. Most of all pay for reviews about any goods or services.
  3. Working as a salesman on the Internet - this can already become a stable activity. It will not be possible to earn extra money quickly, because hardly anybody will pay a salary every day. On the other hand, if you can’t find a job in real life, this may be the best option.
  4. Earnings for girls in the video chat Bongacams - work for the brave and uninhibited. This is a foreign website with video chats, where you can run a candid broadcast and get paid for it. By the way, guys or even couples can register here. Money is paid large, many models get more than the average.
  5. Earnings on dating sites is another interesting option, when choosing which, you will need to search for people and invite them to dating sites. Many owners of such resources offer rewards for attracting users. For example, those wishing to meet, can be found on social networks.

You can definitely raise the amount of 100 rubles by choosing any of these methods in less than a day. Immediately join remote earnings is difficult, but if you spend at least a little time, a stable income is provided.

Do not worry that you do not have enough money, make efforts to correct your situation . It’s hard for everyone, and with a great desire, you will surely provide yourself with at least a few thousand rubles for life.

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