Is it possible to gain 20,000 followers on Instagram?

Well-promoted profiles in social networks can bring good money.

Subscribers can be recruited in a variety of ways, and revenues directly depend on how many people you can attract. Instagram now belongs to the top social networks, accounts in it are also well monetized.

How did I get 20,000 Instagram followers? I decided to share my results with subscribers.

At once I would like to say that the number of subscribers does not include bots, they are also screwed on, but this is a separate figure. Why this was done, now I will explain, as well as present the methods that I used.

Is it possible to gain 20,000 followers on Instagram?

Methods of Instagram promotion

You need to start developing your pages with their content and design. No one will subscribe to empty profiles, and posts should be interesting. Only due to this, you will notice a natural increase in the audience.

You can always invest and buy subscribers on Instagram, but this is not a suitable method to attract the target audience.

Everyone has their own goals when promoting accounts, most often it is earnings on Instagram. It is also important for him to collect many subscribers, but I wanted to make a popular profile in order to attract visitors to the blog. What ways did I do it?

  1. Advertising - you can't do without expenses, but this is the most effective method. The main thing is, before buying advertising posts, fill out an account and post many thematic entries. About advertising on Instagram there is a separate article, there are useful services and approximate prices.
  2. Mass-fading - no matter what anyone says, but it works. Having collected many subscribers and subscribing to similar profiles, they manage to attract attention. Not everyone subscribes mutually, but a certain percentage of it goes. It is important to follow this and unsubscribe from those who have not responded to your action.
  3. Exchange posts - becomes available as soon as several thousand subscribers appear. The more of them, the easier it is to find those who want mutual placement of advertising posts. Thanks to this, subscribers come to Instagram for free, the method is working.

Getting started is the hardest, few people are willing to become a subscriber of an unpopular profile. The main thing is not to give up and continue to work. Of course, 20,000 subscribers is not such a big number, but they are real people and it took several months to complete.

Do I need to add subscribers to Instagram?

People have divided into two camps, those who actively pay for new subscriptions and those who don’t consider this option at all.

There are pluses from this, the main thing is not to overdo it. At the initial stage, services help to collect the first subscribers and revive the account . Let it be bots and unreal pages, the main thing everyone will see that you are interesting to someone.

It helps to add subscribers to Instagram at the very beginning, then it’s better to abandon it. If you do not want to spend money, use the system. It will first have to subscribe and put likes, in order for hearts to appear on the balance sheet:

Is it possible to gain 20,000 followers on Instagram?

When you have collected many hearts on your account, make your order. For each subscriber you need to pay 2 hearts (they can be bought 507 hearts cost 279 rubles, and this is 253 subscribers):

Is it possible to gain 20,000 followers on Instagram?

Free Instagram subscribers wind up not so fast, therefore it’s better right Now start using the service.

He has a lot of analogs, and if you are worried about blocking, then attract real people through Wmmail tasks. Gain about 10,000 subscribers in this way.

The number of Instagram subscribers depends on your efforts. Remember that filling alone is not enough. You need to loudly declare yourself that people notice the profile. Use the methods from the article, personally they all helped me unwind.

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