Is it legal to operate a web model - laws, taxes and requirements

In the 21st century, everyone uses the Internet and many different possibilities have appeared here. In particular, open access to remote earnings, and in a variety of its species.

One of the directions webcam, which received its name from the word webcam (webcam). We are talking about intimate shows conducted by girls, guys and even couples.

Is the work of the web model legal? There are many myths around this type of income. Let's start with the fact that each in its own way relates to this activity. Some consider it a regular part-time job, others are compared with prostitution.

In our country there is no direct prohibition on this, so looking ahead we will say - you can safely launch your broadcasts.

Is it legal to operate a web model - laws, taxes and requirements

What does the webcam model do in general?

Dot all dots over X will help detailed analysis of the work of web models. Girls are registered on special sites that organize the relationship between the authors of the broadcast and the audience.

Communication takes place online, the girls themselves decide what to show, no one forces them to undress.

Many sites hide behind the words "Erotica" (not porn), but in fact, in their broadcasts, the girls often make too overt shows.

They are designed only for the category of adult spectators, therefore when visiting such resources, age is required. Another thing is that anyone can click the button "I am 18 years old."

Studios and webcam sites are created for one purpose - to organize private communication between adults. In the code it is not regulated in any way, and what is not prohibited is allowed.

That is why, against the background of blocked resources, services with model translations remain available (they do not enter the registry of prohibited sites).

Studios for web models and their legality

An important point of the webcam business is complete privacy. Viewers are not required to confirm their identity, and the model data is not passed on to third parties.

No one knows the real name, and the models may not even see their fans. At the same time, they are able to restrict individual users (blocking in the chat).

Legal studios work like regular companies. With the models, they sign real contracts, all within the law. Confidential information about models and their customers should remain protected, in this regard, the laws work. Therefore, both sides do not have to worry.

What activities do studios do? They are registered as companies organizing the relationship. Their owners never talk about the frank content of the show. They indicate that their studio is created for flirting and simple communication (sometimes, the Erotic category is chosen).

While in our country such a business is not prohibited , therefore more and more studios are opening even by people who do not have serious knowledge in this area.

Is it legal to operate a web model - laws, taxes and requirements

The nuances of working in the field of webcam

You should not treat webcam earnings as a “black” part-time job. Here, too, has its own rules and nuances that allow you to remain activities within the law. The most important thing is that in the code there is no concept of webcam at all, and all proceedings will be considered in private.

For both viewers and models, the main criterion is the age of majority. Visitors have a window where you need to confirm the age.

Models are forced to indicate real data and confirm it with document scans. With this all strictly, minor models on webcam sites are not found.

Also, in order to avoid problems with the law, webcam site owners impose certain restrictions. For example, only those people who are registered in the system and confirmed their age should be in broadcasts.

The model should not insult someone’s dignity, distribute nationalist materials, etc. In general, all laws are retained that relate in general to the Internet, and not specifically to the webcam niche.

Is it legal to operate a web model - laws, taxes and requirements

The legitimacy of making a web model on the Internet

Some sites say that webcam is banned in Russia. In fact, it is not. The law does not have accurate information about this type of earnings. The only thing worth noting is taxes. Studios are registered as companies, they pay them. Private income tax models do not pay.

At one of the forums, the work of web models and studios imputed the production and distribution of pornography. There is such an article, but what does it have to do with online broadcasts. They are not recorded by the model or the studio, and if someone from the audience decides to do it, then he can be drawn to criminal liability.

This is with regard to distribution, now about manufacturing. Communication takes place directly with the audience, who confirmed their age and agreed with the rules of the site.

And in general, there is no law on morality in Russia, therefore pornography is treated differently, this makes it difficult to apply any articles of the code.

For the studios least of all questions, companies pay taxes. According to the documents, they only carry out the technical organization of video communications.

Due to the easy opening of such a business and huge income, many studios are now open in all cities. Despite the high competition, they all get a decent profit.

Models should not upload their too explicit photos and videos somewhere. This can already fall under the article making and distribution of pornography.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, we do not recommend beginners to try to build a business at the opening of their studio. To spin in this area, you need to be well versed in the laws and take into account various nuances.

Is it legal to operate a web model - laws, taxes and requirements

Legitimate work of webcam model

Right now you can try your hand at this profitable business. To work within the law, look for studios in your city. But remember that they can take more than 50% of the profits. On the other hand, you will be provided with a workplace, computer, Internet and other conditions.

It is much more profitable to work for yourself. How many people work remotely and do not even think about paying taxes.

It is unlikely that your $ 1000 per month will interest law enforcement agencies when millions make and pay nothing around. Therefore, you can safely register on one of these sites:

  1. - the largest project, it is used throughout the world. Offers the most extensive functionality, even allows you to work with mobile devices. The protection from video recording is installed, it helps to solve problems with those who are trying to distribute them. The most active models are waiting for generous bonuses.
  2. - a foreign webcam service, was banned in the Russian Federation for some time, but now all problems have been resolved. Most viewers from Europe and the United States. Unlike the previous service, models rely more on gifts in general chat rooms than on frequent invitations to private rooms.
  3. is a relatively young project, but it is developing rapidly. Here, in a minute of talk, you can receive from 2 to 5 dollars (the model itself sets the cost). Various draws are held, there are training materials for beginner models. Also set a bonus for registering $ 100.

All these services operate on the territory of the Russian Federation and are not in the registry of prohibited sites. Already this suggests that the earnings of the web model is legitimate.

In addition, thousands of girls and boys launch their broadcasts every day, and you can familiarize yourself with their contents, even without registration.

The legality of the business of web models in Russia should not raise questions. If you do not violate the general rules and regulations, nothing will happen. A huge audience of experimental models is the best confirmation of this.

Feel free to start broadcasting, communicate and earn big money, at the moment it is one of the most profitable directions on the Internet.

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