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First I want to thank the author of the blog Dalepost. blogspot. com for the announcement. pdf-version of my course for beginner moneymakers. Also, in addition to the recent post about Google Reader, I want to present a very detailed article on the same topic from InformManager - How to read a lot of tapes in a short time. If you want to squeeze the maximum out of your reader, be sure to read!

Now to the subject. This method is not that simple, but very, very simple, but at the same time it is very effective 🙂

Something similar was already in the post "Optimization of old posts", so you can consider this post as an addition to that article. I looked at the method here.

1. View statistics and find phrases that bring quite a lot of visitors to the site (naturally, compared to other phrases).

2. Check the position of the site for these phrases in search engines.

3. Check all the words and phrases that your site ranks in the second ten in the issue, and select the most popular of them (you will take it first).

4. Put on the page that attracts visitors for this phrase, several links from other pages of the site (alternate link anchors). At a minimum, put a link from the main page.

5. Wait until the search bots process the changes on the site, and the page gets to the top.

Of course, for the positive effect of internal links it may not be enough (in this case add external links), everything depends on your specific situation here, but the author of the article managed to pull the client’s website onto the first page of the issue and request for the site began to come in 10 times (!) More people. Just a few internal links and what effect.

This author has another very interesting article on key phrases. I will publish it tomorrow.

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