Ipgold - earnings on assignments, surfing, reading letters

After you manage to find a site to make money on the Internet, beginners try not to switch to other services, but this is not correct.

Even while earning from the tasks of the click sponsors, you need to use several mailers at once to select the most profitable tasks and topics most making more money.

A click sponsor will help you to consistently make additional profits, and decide what you will do on this site.

You can choose from standard methods for mailers: surfing websites, reading emails, completing assignments and attracting referrals.

Already more than 60,000 users have registered on this site.

Ipgold - earnings on assignments, surfing, reading letters

How to make money with Ipgold?

Registration in this system is standard, with its passage you must specify some data:

Ipgold - earnings on assignments, surfing, reading letters

Webmoney wallet number and phone number is optional, you can then (if you wish) specify it in your profile to withdraw money. As soon as you complete the registration, a page will open where you will be offered to download the IpGold Surfer program:

Ipgold - earnings on assignments, surfing, reading letters

It is not necessary to install it, but through it you will receive more surfing sites and paid jobs.

Do not forget to activate your profile via Email, otherwise you will not be able to earn on surfing, letters and tasks.

Surfing and reading letters are standard here, go to the sites and get paid for the visit. But the execution of tasks is somewhat different. When you go to the task section, you will not see the list, and each task will open on a new page with a description:

Ipgold - earnings on assignments, surfing, reading letters

This block will be located above the opened site, and you will need to complete call and answer the control question. This is much more convenient, as it is easy to figure out what exactly needs to be done. To the right of this block there are two others:

Ipgold - earnings on assignments, surfing, reading letters

Here you can click "Continue" after selecting the answer, skip the task or go to your account. Also on the right above is indicated the amount of remuneration and several additional buttons. Payment for tasks varies from 10 kopecks to 4 rubles, and it is not so difficult to perform them.

Affiliate Program Ipgold

3 click referrals are supported by this click sponsor, but you will not receive a percentage from them.

Another difference between the mailer is that you get to 0. 01 p . for each completed task and 0. 003 p. for viewing the site attracted person. From the second level they pay 0. 002 p. , from the third 0. 001 p. for visiting sites (for the tasks performed from these levels are not paid).

In the earnings section on referrals you will find different banners to attract people, and also get an affiliate link. Promotional materials and links can be used through forums, their sites, social networks and other ways.

The clicker sponsor Ipgold is not so popular, so you can attract referrals to it, via tasks from other mailers (Wmmail or Seosprint).

In order to collect the money earned in this system, you will need to dial 10 rubles and indicate the number of one of the purses in the profile. Payment is ordered easily:

Ipgold - earnings on assignments, surfing, reading letters

Specify the amount and choose one of the electronic wallets. It is better to display on Webmoney, applications are reviewed within an hour and the standard commission.

Every newcomer can earn from Ipgold, do not forget to download the program to get as much work as possible. Try to make money in this system, and also be sure to register with other high-quality click-through sponsors (Wmmail, Seosprint, Profitcentr, and).

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