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How often on the Internet there are new success stories about people who have profitably invested money and increased their capital several times.

Do you also want to learn how to invest? Then you have to learn a lot. To understand what is at stake in the articles about investing, it is required to understand the terms of .

The investor’s explanatory dictionary added to this article will help you take the first step towards learning.

Every time you see an incomprehensible word, use this page and figure out exactly what this is about. If you do not correctly perceive the information, you can make serious mistakes.

Investment Terms | Workion. ru

Beginner you have already tried investing, the basic terms will definitely be useful to you:

  • Forex is the exchange where trade in various assets (currency, commodities, precious metals, stocks, etc.).
  • Broker is a company providing an opportunity to conduct transactions in Forex to individuals.
  • Dealing Center - similar to brokers, these companies provide trading tools.
  • Trading is the process of making trades in Forex (human activity).
  • A trader is one who conducts transactions on a financial exchange.
  • Liquidity is one of the properties of the object, indicating the simplicity of its implementation (the apartment is liquid, so it is easy to find a buyer).
  • UIF - mutual investment fund. A project in which money is invested by organizers and investors for general purposes (for example, to build and sell a house).
  • HYIP - companies that offer high interest rates to investors and disguised as reliable associates.
  • Diversification is a method of reducing risks by dividing investments into several different types of deposits (diversification of an investment portfolio).
  • An asset is a resource controlled by an investor. For example, a company share could be your asset.
  • Volatility is an indicator of price volatility. Low volatility means no significant change in course.
  • Quotes - an indicator of exchange rate (asset value).
  • Dividends - a partial profit of a company distributed among shareholders (often this word refers to any income).
  • Shares - a security certifying participation in a joint stock company fund. Simply put, a share ownership document.
  • Reinvestment - additional contributions to support core investments.
  • A PAMM account is a trader's portfolio that opens to collect investments (in order to collect large start-up capital).
  • Investment portfolio - all investors have it, it includes every asset.
  • Investment - an investment of money for receiving benefit in the future.
  • A bond is a security document certifying that an investor has made money. According to the established conditions, he can return his money with interest (investments in bonds).
  • Binary options are a Forex trading instrument. When using it, traders place bets on the movement of trends (for example, changing currency rates).
  • Deposit - the amount that is made by the investor.
  • Scam - projects that refuse to pay depositors.
  • Startup - a new project (developing company).
  • Trust management - there are investments of this type. When using them, the money is transferred to the manager, who uses them for various transactions.
  • Profit - net profit (excluding investments).
  • Scalping - additional investments at the time of recession.
  • Drawdown - a situation in which the score goes into a minus.
  • Bill - the holder of this security can count on payment of money in due time.
  • Futures - a contract that fixes the sale (purchase) price in the future.
Investment Terms | Workion. ru

Of course, these are far from all the words that novice investors have to learn, but it is impossible to compile a full-fledged dictionary in one article.

If here you did not find the word you’ve been looking for, you can write it in the comments , I will try to interpret its essence to you in a simple language.

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