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Almost every day there are large projects on the Internet in which you can invest.

They gain trust for a long time, because few people believe in the profitability of such sites. Everyone wants guarantees and something real that will really work, sell, conquer world markets.

Investing in a motor-wheel (asynchronous motor) is one of the ways to make a profitable contribution to promising development.

The whole world has spread through the information about this invention, many already want to buy a complete set of Duyunov wheels, but mass production has not yet begun.

Investment in the motor-wheel Duyunova | Workion. ru

What is a motor-wheel of Duyunov?

Since 1995, a smart inventor has been working on creating his own " brainchild ". More recently, prototypes have been developed, well-proven.

Patents for the production of an unusual engine are not yet being sold, because a company has been created to collect investments, money is needed to start production.

The so-called Duynov asynchronous motors, created according to innovative technologies .

They combine the winding (the “Slav” scheme), where a triangle and a star are connected in parallel. In theory, this is a six-phase electric motor connected to a 3-phase network.

Investment in the motor-wheel Duyunova | Workion. ru

Due to the windings, the motor parameters increase, energy is consumed more efficiently. Reduced and component costs. Plus, the dimensions of the "motor" allow you to install it even on bicycles.

At the moment, about 200 schemes have been created for the development of motor-wheels intended for installation on various vehicles. The invention continues to be refined, and it is already being talked about on television:

Many analogues have been created, but Duyunov’s invention has several advantages. Unlike the popular E1 design, power density is increased.

Plus, they are easier to use, which reduces their cost. Plus, at times more economical. For 22 years everything has been tested and verified.

What are the advantages of the Duyunov engine?

It is possible that soon we will not see any bulky internal combustion engines, and no one will buy gasoline. Such a breakthrough sooner or later will come, the wheel of Duyunov will begin to punch this way.

Now we need money to start production, and many d competent investors have already bought shares , because:

  • this is our Russian inventor, who is a third dozen trying give people something useful;
  • due to a well-thought-out scheme; the prime cost of engines is 30% less than that of competitors;
  • special magnets are not used in the development of motor-wheels, this facilitates the entire structure again reduces the price;
  • the simplicity of the invention allowed to achieve a minimum weight and small dimensions, which expands the scope;
  • energy is consumed much more efficiently;
  • torque is much higher than that of competitors.

In 2016, a prototype of a motorcycle with a motor-wheel Duyunov was introduced.

The maximum speed is up to 120 km / h, up to 130 km. without recharging, torque up to 200 Nm, maximum power 20 kW. This exhibition has also become one of the important points in attracting investors.

Duyunov divorce or not? What promise to investors?

SovElMash company issues 8 billion shares for sale to investors. There will be no additional issues. Fundraising is calculated for 40 months and divided into 20 stages.

At each of the stages, the price of the shares will rise, now the second stage is underway, while the securities are available at a substantial discount.

Surely you can already guess that this is a long-term investment. Only attraction of investments is calculated for more than 3 years.

After that, the creation of production will begin; it is not known how long it will take. According to approximate plans, in 2020. What do investors get :

  1. After starting production, it will be possible to consistently receive dividends. Their volume depends on how well the company will develop.
  2. Shareholders will be able to buy products with substantial discounts.
  3. Securities can be sold at a higher price; now they are sold at a large discount to attract first investors.

The minimum investment amount is $ 500 , but the entire amount does not have to be paid immediately. You can choose one of the packages and deposit money every month gradually. Not everyone has a large start-up capital at once, so they offer to invest in installments:

Investment in the motor-wheel Duyunova | Workion. ru

This table shows the data for the second stage, you may read this article when it is already over . Therefore, the number of shares for the same money will decrease. We must not miss the moment when the most favorable conditions are offered.

Instructions for investing in a motor-wheel

Interest in stocks continues to grow, even those who have never invested money decide to try to do it.

So that it was easy for novices to help start production and get their benefits, everything was done in a simple format. First you need to go to the site and go through the usual registration:

Investment in the motor-wheel Duyunova | Workion. ru

It is even easier to log in via social networks. In your account you will immediately see the main menu. You will learn about the news, you can attend webinars (there it is described in more detail about everything).

To invest money, you need to go to the "Banking" section or just click the plus sign in the top menu:

Investment in the motor-wheel Duyunova | Workion. ru

Before recharging the balance, it is better to decide which particular package you are going to buy. If it is convenient for you to invest the entire amount at a time, then the minimum investment will be $ 500, if it is more convenient in parts, then $ 50.

On the replenishment page, you need to enter the amount and select a method (not all methods are shown in the image below):

Investment in the motor-wheel Duyunova | Workion. ru

Transfers from bank cards, e-wallets, and others are available by methods. Money will appear first on the internal balance. Now you need to go to the "Invest" section, where the table of data packages will be presented, according to the stage being carried out:

Investment in the motor-wheel Duyunova | Workion. ru

In front of each package there is a button "Checkout". For example, a package of $ 500 is divided into 2 types. You can immediately make all the money or 10 months to pay $ 50.

Naturally, a one-time payment is more profitable (more discount and number of shares). The next step is to make the payment:

Investment in the motor-wheel Duyunova | Workion. ru

The main data and the button will be presented here, after clicking on it, the package is purchased. If an installment method is chosen, the shares will be issued each time a deposit is made.

It is better not to delay payments, because of this the discount is reduced. Investors are added to a special database, it remains only to wait for development.

Earnings with the Duyunov project without investments

No start-up capital? This is not a problem, you can earn interest by attracting investors.

In the "Partners" section, links are available for which new participants need to be invited in order to receive a percentage of their deposit. At a minimum, you will receive funds from 4 levels of referrals:

Investment in the motor-wheel Duyunova | Workion. ru

Each participant receives the first status after registration. It is allowed to use any ways to attract referrals.

The most favorable conditions for partners with the status of "Professional", 20 levels and up to 16% from the first line. Just get it is not easy, you must make a deposit and recruit a team of active referrals:

Investment in the motor-wheel Duyunova | Workion. ru

There are no restrictions on the number of people in a team, statuses are updated automatically when the necessary conditions are met. The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 50, funds are available for withdrawal when making your investment at least $ 200.

Good conditions for investment are offered by the company

. Only there dollars are scrolled through cryptocurrency.

The motor wheel of the Duyunov is already wanted by many people, the demand for the product appeared before the mass production began. This suggests that the company will definitely develop. It takes a lot of time for this, as well as contributions, but the prospects are impressive.

Minimum investment amounts are not so high as to give up a secure future, sometime nobody believed in Google’s development, and over time investors began to receive huge dividends.

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