Investing in Cappers on Personal Capper

We have already told Workion blog readers about where to put money on sports, but when using bookmakers, most newbies rely only on luck.

Naturally, because of this, not many manage to get a good profit from bookmakers, but this can be fixed.

There are special services in which the services of professional cappers are offered, and at the expense of them you can make passive investments.

Who are cappers? These are professionals who calculate the probability of winning and make winning bets. Deposit money into their deposits and they increase your start-up capital.

Investing in Cappers on Personal Capper

( the project was closed )

Since the project was closed, we advise you to invest in games with a withdrawal of money http: // workion . ru / zarabotok-na-igrax. html

Earnings on kapper services

You can make investments in capper activities on the Personal-capper website. The profit distribution scheme is somewhat similar to trading. When a player gets a lot of money, he gets a serious amount for bets, and the more deposits, the greater the gain.

Naturally, part of this profit is taken by professionals themselves, the rest of the amount is distributed among investors.

About the similar project Footcap, we discussed in the article Where to invest money, but there the minimum deposit amount is $ 100, and for Personal Capper, you can invest from $ 10.

How to invest money on Personal Capper?

First you need to register. After that, in your profile you go to the list of deposits, where you are given the choice of recharge:

Investing in Cappers on Personal Capper

If you are a novice, then you will not be able to open a deposit from your balance This can be done only after you receive the first payment. Therefore, go to the "Open Deposit" button and enter the amount of your investment:

Investing in Cappers on Personal Capper

On the left is a graph that shows the percentage increase in invested funds for previous days. Even professionals are not always able to “raise” big money at rates, therefore, the amount invested by you will not increase by more than 10%.

As we have said, the minimum deposit is $ 10, and you can replenish the balance only through Perfect Money.

When you open a deposit, the funds are frozen for a week so that the cappers have time to carry out all the necessary calculations and make bets. After that, money is credited to your balance (along with the winning percentage) and you can withdraw them to an electronic wallet.

To do this, on the withdrawal page you need to order a payment:

Investing in Cappers on Personal Capper

The threshold for payment is only $ 1 and, unfortunately, get the money also available only on Perfect Money. Payments are made from Friday to Monday, there are no delays.

Personal Capper

Affiliate Program To get more money from this system or to earn nothing at all, you can attract new investors to the project. There is a 3-level referral program, under the terms of which you will receive from 1 to 5%, depending on the level of referral.

Unlike payments for depositors, referrals can order payments on any day of the week and receive them within 3 days.

The Personal Capper project offers favorable terms for deposits on the Internet, and most importantly, it works according to a transparent scheme.

If you do not trust such systems, then gain experience and become a professional capper yourself, and for this you will definitely benefit from our 5 tips on sports betting.

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