Investing in a YouTube channel. YouTube Contributions

As soon as free money appears and the desire to invest it somewhere, a potential question arises before a potential investor - where to send your money? There are a lot of options, even if you narrow your search and choose the sphere of the Internet.

And most often the network advertises mutual funds and pyramids, which is very risky.

Investing in a YouTube channel is one of the most interesting ways that is not so actively used.

The essence of it is extremely simple, you need to open your own channel and spend money to fill it. Make it easy, most importantly, find competent authors and choose a good niche.

Investing in a YouTube channel. YouTube Contributions

YouTube contributions

Opening a channel does not require investments , so you can create it right today.

Before you decide on a topic, you will need to evaluate your competitors and think about how you will monetize your site. For example, it makes no sense to open a channel about insects, since the target audience will be too small.

In order to earn money on affiliate programs through YouTube, you will have to choose topics where advertisers are most likely - finance, construction, cars, and so on.

Your channel will act as an advertising platform, and it will be possible not only to use affiliate programs.

Owners of promoted channels can turn on the monetization of the channel on YouTube and make money on advertising. There are many other options to gain the benefits of such a platform, up to the sale of their products or the provision of any services.

Investing in a YouTube channel. YouTube Contributions

How much money do you need to invest and where exactly?

It’s difficult to say the exact amount, but you can even start with 10,000 rubles . You will spend the money to pay the authors of videos. They will record a video, and you will post it on your channel and then earn money on advertising. You pay once, the profit will go for a long time.

Some people spend money and use the services of one person to record videos. This is not the best option, because after gaining popularity, your “star” can leave the project and develop independently, what should you do?

You will have to invent something new or look for another author, and because of this number views may collapse.

It is best to buy videos from different authors. Finding at once several people who are ready to sell their videos is not difficult, but first you can go through the forums and place your ad.

Wmmail has a gazebo section where people who want to make money communicate every day. Register there and create your own theme, within an hour you will definitely find authors (mostly they are beginners, but on the other hand, they will not require a large payment).

You can also find authors using freelancing exchanges. Register on Weblancer and open a vacancy for long-term cooperation.

Warn authors that you need to record a small number of clips (so that you do not depend on someone else) and ask for examples of work to make it easier to determine the candidates.

Investing in a YouTube channel. YouTube Contributions

How to unwind the channel?

It is possible that some of your commercials will become very popular and you will immediately begin to receive a lot of views. The probability of this is small (it's like winning a lottery).

Therefore, it is necessary to try hard to make the channel popular and as fast as possible, a large audience subscribed to it.

First, learn how to get lots of views on YouTube. If your videos are viewed a lot, you can attract advertisers. Also, the amount of views affects the position of the video in the search (+ popular videos are more often displayed in similar posts).

It will not be superfluous to also order an advertisement, and it is up to you to use other people's channels, social networks or advertising services.

You can also invest money in this, and if there is a lot of free time, try to spin the channel yourself. For example, through Vkontakte or by adding videos to topics on the forums (the main thing is not spamming).

Are investments in the YouTube channel working? With the right approach, it brings serious money, but before you engage in such a business, you need to learn a lot. If you like the idea, start coming up with ideas, write them in a notebook to collect a decent amount, choose the best option.

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