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With the Internet, people have a lot more options. Foreign sites are also available from every corner of Russia, and there are many more of them than their counterparts on the Russian Internet.

For example, it is possible to invest money profitably and without doing anything at all, to receive stable deductions. You will now learn about one of these projects.

Passive investments with - this is an opportunity to become an investor with only $ 50.

The company began operating from February 2014, has a registered office, a dedicated server and reliable protection. The system is foreign, there is no Russian language, but it is not difficult to make a contribution, the main thing is that everything is fair.

Investfond - Passive Investments | Workion. ru

How to invest in Investfond?

We have repeatedly reminded our readers that before making contributions to any systems, we must make sure that they honest. First of all, you need to figure out a scheme for making a profit.

At Investfond it is simple, a team of professional traders with experience of 10 years conducts transactions. If they have a day off or they have closed the period in a minus, the money is taken from the company's fund. In general, the investor receives stable deductions, regardless of the result of the work of specialists.

In order for each client to choose suitable conditions for investment, the company added several tariff plans. The cheapest costs $ 50 and is valid for 40 days.

Weekly comes at a 3% profit, i.e. in general, comes out about 18%, it is very profitable (with $ 50 net profit of $ 9):

Investfond - Passive Investments | Workion. ru

The larger the investment amount and the period for its return, the more favorable the conditions become. Here it is better to decide on your own, because each user has his own initial capital and plans for the future. Conveniently, in addition to tariffs, an investment calculator is still available:

Investfond - Passive Investments | Workion. ru

Knowing English is not necessary to understand the interface. There is nothing superfluous, and during registration you can use an ordinary translator.

When opening an account, you can select the type of currency with which you would like to replenish the balance and then withdraw money. Several options are available:

Investfond - Passive Investments | Workion. ru

The personal account on the site is also simple, it contains only the necessary items. In principle, you only need the first section, where the recharge is performed.

Then you can go to different sections, where statistics and other information are presented:

Investfond - Passive Investments | Workion. ru

Money is paid on request, it is processed for about a day. Minimum for withdrawing $ 5, which really make no investment at all. How? With the help of an affiliate program.

Invite investors by any means and get 5% from all deposits. Only banner banners are available from promotional materials:

Investfond - Passive Investments | Workion. ru

With Investfond, everyone can increase their capital and become even richer. Payments site conducts, you can search for reviews on the Internet.

Experienced investors have been cooperating with the system for a long time and have withdrawn decent money. Professionals know how to trade in Forex, so customers remain in the black.

Every investment project is a chance for an ordinary person to get rich. Perhaps you will start with $ 50 and will gradually develop this amount , but in any case, get a profit without doing anything at all.

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