Interviews are a great format for an article. Who to interview?

Today, for search engines to consider a site worthy of the first position in the issue, you need not only to have a good understanding of SEO.

Talking about what content Google likes, we already noted that the interview is one of the good options . It is not so difficult to make it, and professionals are absolutely in all niches.

Interviews - an excellent format for an article with which you can dilute the total mass of information on the site.

It is easy to find a person willing to hold such an event, as this is an additional plus to its popularity, and time costs will be minimal, the main thing is that you have a quality resource.

Interviews are a great format for an article. Who to interview?

Who to interview?

We already told about how to interview, and gave some useful recommendations. In this article, we focus on who to choose to hold it.

There are quite a few options, here are the best:

  • visit thematically similar sites (the most popular) and contact their owners;
  • search candidates among moderators and other administration segments of popular sites;
  • attract employees of large companies (the more famous the brand is, the better);
  • look for candidates among the stars who, one way or another, relate to the subject of the site ;
  • through the forums you can find people with vast experience in different fields;
  • think, maybe among your real friends, there are suitable people;
  • foreign segment, too, should look for professionals (forums, blogs, services);
  • for an interview, you can draw and those who only spins but does so actively.

Do not limit your search, consider options from adjacent areas. For example, for a site on entrepreneurship and business, suitable managers, managers, administrators, and many others.

Another example is a site about construction, where carpenters, carpenters, plumbers and specialists from other niches related to repairs and construction will be suitable for an interview.

Interviews are a great format for an article. Who to interview?

In the process of finding a suitable candidate, you will have to go through many options. Feel free to send invitations to any number of people, even if several users agree to your offer at once, this will help you with filling the site in the future.

Don't immediately find a suitable professional, many will refuse. To reduce the likelihood of failure, when referring to a specialist, admire his work and level of knowledge.

You can also offer various benefits. Money should not be offered, but additional advertising or a link from your site can be offered.

Make up questions only after you decide who to interview. It is necessary to take into account the specifics and level of knowledge of the chosen specialist. Also do not forget that in the text it is necessary to leave all the answers of a professional unchanged, making only minor changes.

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