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Interview as a promotion method - Profit Hunter The author of the article is Pavel, the host of the blog Let's Promote Together.

Without further admissions, let's get down to business 🙂

Where to look for an interviewer

1. The famous forum of webmasters ArmadaBoard. com. The interviews are located here, the discussion is conducted here.

Judging by the number of entries, they are not averse to chatting with interesting people, but here the forum subject must be taken into account - they will most likely refuse the project that is not suitable for their format.

Try to write to the administration of the forum (Svetlana), and perhaps they will interview you and put it on the public display of the members of the forum.

2. Temma Maynas. Practicing a model of an interview published on a commercial basis. But if your start-up is running and that is the initial money for its promotion, then why not try. You will find contacts at the following addresses:

  • http: // tyomma. com / adv /
  • http: // soct. com / adv /

3. Magazine "BizNETz: Internet marketing with a human face."

Try to write to Oksana Yanovich, the magazine’s editor-in-chief. The pilot issue was released in December 2007, it’s possible that the issue will be resumed. one of the Wikipedia projects.) You can write an interview request on their website. I don’t know if anyone is responding, but you can try.

5. Invite your friends to bloggers / owners of other sites interview, if you have something to say.

Who to interview

At any interesting person who works in your topic. Try to interview a very famous author. If you succeed, an avalanche of visitors to the site is provided, the main thing is to competently announce the interview.

Interview format

How The rule of the interview is as follows:

  1. You are sending a questionnaire.
  2. A person answers questions.
  3. Based on the received answers, you will send a second batch of questions (if necessary).
  4. A person answers these questions.
  5. You finalize the text and endorse it.
  6. Ideally, you place a photo of a person or the logo of his project.

That's it. Technically, everything is very simple, the main difficulty is to find interesting questions and get at least original and interesting answers.

It is desirable to conduct correspondence by e-mail. So it will be more convenient for all.

The preparation stage of the interview

I search the network for all the interviews that have already been given by the person I am interested in and study the questions he answered to avoid repetitions. Visitors to the site are unlikely to be interested in reading what they have already read before, and the person who will give you an interview is unlikely to want to answer the same questions a hundred times.

Promotion Stage

Any interview, regardless of the role in which the interviewer or respondent is playing, you need to promote. Just like any other interesting articles from the blog / site. This will give you an extra influx of visitors.

At a minimum, you should bookmark interviews on popular social sites, such as:

http: // bobrdobr. ru
http: // memori. ru
http: // zakladki. yandex. Common crawl en
, etc.

You can also competently mention interviews in thematic forums.

In principle, any non-spam promotion methods are welcome here.

When the interview is ready, the person from whom you took it will publish it (in part or in full) on its website with a link to your site. Or write something like “Interview with me (about our project) you can read on ...” (and here again the link to your site).

The situation is mutually beneficial: you promote it, it promotes you.

Useful reading matter on the topic

  • How not to give an interview.
  • How to give an interview. For those who give it.
  • How to interview the director: 15 problems and solutions.

By the way, I myself am ready to take or give an interview. Waiting for your suggestions. Write.

If you know who You can give an interview to promote your project, please write in the comments.

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