Internet evil or new features?

All new inventions caused both joy and negative feedback.

The Internet is no exception, people are still divided into two groups, those who cannot live without it and those who consider the world wide web to be a place of deceit, sheer fraud, pornography, and so on.

Is the Internet good or evil? Everyone has his own answer to this question, but if you take it, in general, the majority most admired by the Internet. Of course, it causes some problems in society, but the positive aspects of this technology are much greater.

Internet evil or new features?

Why is the Internet evil?

The negative attitude of people is formed primarily because of scam on the Internet. Who did not come across them, did not send SMS, did not transfer money or simply did not register on a dishonest site? Everyone has come across this.

Scammers openly operate on the net because they feel impunity. In practice, most of the crimes on the Internet have not been disclosed.

Another common cause of discontent is dependence on the Internet. Basically, it is written off by adults.

They talk about their childhood and watch with horror how teenagers sit for hours on the net.

Some even forget about real life, and on TV often show programs about such people. The problem is, unfortunately, it is getting worse every day.

They also don’t like the Internet because it is now penetrating all spheres. Society is trying to make life easier, but technology is not perfect.

You have to send passport data, money, other confidential information via the Internet. There is no other option, and distrustful people face serious problems.

Plus, the Internet has become a real dustbin in which you can find anything. It’s good that sites with suicide content, drug preparation and child pornography are now banned. However, there are many other problems.

For example, each child can enter a request and receive several thousand obscene sites.

In part, you can solve all the problems associated with the Internet, but there will always be people who will not cease to speak out against the global network.

Internet evil or new features?

Internet is evil or new opportunities?

Each medal has a reverse side, and if this is the Internet, you can look at it on the other hand. This technology has brought many useful tools into our lives and has seriously expanded the possibilities.

Skeptics do not notice obvious advantages, and there are a lot of them:

  • you can find like-minded people to communicate;
  • to express yourself;
  • communicate for free with family and friends;
  • have fun without leaving home;
  • find your soulmate;
  • start your own business;
  • share photos (see them);
  • contact for work (establish business relations);
  • download books, movies, music for free;
  • read news, articles.

The list is endless, the Internet has really opened up a bunch of new and very useful features. One of them is remote work.

Without leaving your home, you can consistently receive money. This is not only useful for disabled people and mothers on maternity leave, many people feel comfortable doing work at home.

Internet evil or new features?

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It’s possible to argue on the topic, whether the Internet is good or evil for a long time, all the same, everyone will not agree. No matter what they say, this technology is really convenient and useful. Let it cause some problems, you can close your eyes to them. In the end, everyone decides how to use the worldwide network.

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