Internet connection on Android

Without the world wide web, the life of a modern person can no longer be imagined. Now the mobile Internet is actively developing, but after buying a fashionable smartphone, some inexperienced users have problems.

They simply are not able to connect to the Internet, and without this, the multifunction device is almost useless.

How to set up Internet on Android? On Android OS, most phones and tablets come out. In it, by default, an interface has been created that even a child can handle.

Activating the Internet is easier than ever, and for beginners we have prepared a visual instruction, both on connecting via Wi-Fi and through a mobile operator.

Internet connection on Android

In one of our articles we told how to install the application on Android from a computer. This instruction is useful to all those who for some reason do not open Google Play from the phone.

However, until you connect to the Internet from a mobile device, it will not work. The easiest way to make the entrance to the world wide web through Wi-Fi.

For this you need to do the following:

  1. Open the menu and find the settings ( do not confuse with Google Settings ):
  2. Internet connection on Android
  3. In the settings menu, you will see the Wi-Fi item, here you need to turn it on by dragging the slider. The data transfer section is needed to connect to the mobile Internet, we will look at this below:
  4. Internet connection on Android
  5. After turning on the Wi-Fi module, click on it and you will be taken to the list of available connections:
  6. Internet connection on Android
  7. Choose the name of your Internet and click on it (if you do not know the name, look at the computer or on the box from the router):
  8. Internet connection on Android

It remains to enter the password and click "Connect". Quite often it turns out that the Wi-Fi password does not fit, just try to enter it again or click "Show password".

It is possible that you are simply entering incorrect characters, and you must also consider case (capital and small letters).

How do I enable mobile Internet on Android?

Operators now make it much easier to connect to the Internet. Settings are automatically set in the mobile device as soon as you insert a sim card.

For certain, you have noticed how different messages about setting up parameters come, so you need to go to the data transfer settings (instructions above), where you can connect to the network:

Internet connection on Android

First you need to select a sim card (if not one is installed). After that, drag the slider at the top. The Internet will immediately start working , you can check it by going to the browser or any other applications.

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Setting up the Internet on Android does not take much time, everything is done so that even a beginner can easily figure out the proposed tools. Follow the instructions in this article, and you can definitely access the network from your mobile device.

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