Intermediary site, how to make money on it?

Who would not want to create a website that can bring a million rubles? Surely in your dreams there is such a point, then to realize something like that, you first need to come up with an interesting idea.

The options are full, and some make money out of thin air, being an intermediary in sales.

Create an intermediary website and earn money by choosing any niche. What kind of sites are these? Externally, it is similar to the usual online store, it also presents various products, their descriptions, prices and so on.

You will attract people to it so that they buy something, and most importantly, you do not have to deal with delivery, open a warehouse, and so on.

Intermediary site, how to make money on it?

Serious earnings on mediation

The idea of ​​writing this article gave me an interesting resource. I got on it by chance and was surprised to see a huge variety of goods.

Like any experienced user, I did not buy anything, but only took the names of the goods and scored in the search. I found out that through affiliate programs these same products are offered at a reduced cost.

It is good that there was statistics on this site, so calculations immediately began in my head. Over the last year, about 2,300 transactions were made from this site.

People bought goods and didn’t even realize that they could be cheaper. The average mark-up on goods was 600-800 rubles , i.e., the owner of this site earned almost half a million rubles.

How did he do it? He simply took the goods from a large site and put them on his resource. Personally, I went to his website for advertising, so an advertising campaign was conducted. Probably, quite a lot of money was spent on it, but considering the profit, the expenses paid off in full.

Who can also earn?

Yes, anyone, it's not so difficult, the main thing is to develop a good website and ensure a constant flow of traffic. I will not name the address of that site, I will only say that the owner took the goods from the affiliate program.

There are many different products on this site, and you can sell them through your websites:

Intermediary site, how to make money on it?

You can sell anything by setting different markups and making a profit. Naturally, this is not the only service of this kind, you can use any sites.

The visitor pays for the product, you buy it on another site and specify its address, what could be more difficult? Even through such a business you can organize:

Intermediary site, how to make money on it?

You buy cheaper, sell more, this is the basic rule. There are many people who will not look for prices in other stores, and having found something interesting, they will immediately make a purchase. It is on them and you have to count.

You can't do without this site, so we advise you to go to the webmasters section and learn all the subtleties of website building.

Creating complex forms on the site is not necessary. Make a catalog with the goods and the button "Order". When you click on it, you need the necessary information from the buyer, and also accept payment.

It is unlikely that you will have a lot of applications, so it is quite possible to process them manually, making orders for someone else's name and also paying for the goods.

The idea of ​​creating a site for intermediary sales is not new, but this method remains profitable.

Many people do not even realize that many sites work according to this scheme, and someone makes serious money on this. The most important thing is to figure out where people will come from, it is advisable to invest in advertising.

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