Interesting facts about WordPress, protection, popularity

Creating websites is a great idea; many people decide to use it. Now this is true, many already have their own blog. To lead him is not only profitable, but also interesting. In order not to go deep into programming, it is enough to choose a content management system, find a quality template and spend some time.

New facts about WordPress and why choose this CMS? For beginners and experienced users of this engine, it will certainly be interesting to find out the current statistics and discover some interesting moments. The project continues to evolve, no one is going to make it paid, as this will immediately lower its ratings.

Interesting facts about WordPress, protection, popularity

WordPress has been more popular than popular

The engine has been the undisputed leader for many years. Over the 15 years of its existence, much has changed and from a simple program for launching blogs, the project has become a well-known engine. Compared to other CMS, the company does not have such a large income, about 45 million dollars a year.

The developers work under the slogan " We do not do software for free, we do it for freedom ".

WordPress has a market share of almost 60%, the closest leader is Joomla, which has only 6. 2%. Millions of sites created using this platform, according to some estimates, their number exceeds 60 million resources. This giant in its niche, firmly established in the first place:

Interesting facts about WordPress, protection, popularity

It is difficult to even imagine and almost impossible to calculate the total number of page views of sites created through WordPress. In 2016, the approximate figure is 22. 2 billion views, and this is only on the online engine, it is impossible to calculate the views of those who use the engine.

A lot of texts are laid out through the platform per day. According to rough estimates, this is 572 million words .

The free engine is used not only by newbies, but also by large companies or famous people. Among the bottom Jay Z and the company Coca Cola. They definitely have money for developing their own engine or hiring programmers, but why is all this necessary when there is a convenient and easy-to-use engine, and even so popular.

With WordPress you can earn from scratch

Every Internet user has the opportunity to create their own website without any investments at all. Understanding the WordPress platform is easy, and there are plenty of online lessons. For a beginner, these are endless possibilities. The only thing you have to pay for is hosting and domain, but even here there are no big expenses (hosting costs 100 rubles a month, the same cost is renting a domain for a year).

The Workion blog was also created using WordPress. For several years I have been busy filling it up and I can say with confidence that this is the most profitable type of earnings. I like what I do, and I don’t have to complain about my income. The theme of my site allows you to attract referrals to different sites.

Only on Wmmail I have more than 180,000 referrals:

Interesting facts about WordPress, protection, popularity

I started from scratch, there was no big money for promotion. Now I advise everyone to launch their projects, the main thing is to choose an interesting topic so that the desire to engage in promotion does not disappear. If you are a beginner and have not had time to understand the engine, I recommend a selection of useful articles:

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  • How to choose a hosting for WordPress;
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  • How does the WordPress admin panel look like;
  • How to install the template on WordPress;
  • How to add an entry to WordPress.

No need to be afraid, at the start you will have to tinker a bit and figure out the little things. Normal hosting providers have an automatic engine installation feature for a long time. That is, any newbie gets a WordPress site, spending just a few minutes. Immediately after that, you can choose a template and start working on the content.

WordPress engine safe

CMS is suitable not only for developing blogs, but various services and online stores are created on its basis. Popularity has a downside - this is a heightened attention of hackers. The developers of WordPress are making great efforts to secure the sites of their clients, but it is impossible to bypass all problems 100%.

Most successful hacker attacks involve using unofficial plugins and templates. Each programmer can now make them, and after installing the code, holes appear in the code that are necessary for hacking. If you want to expand the functionality of the engine, it is better to install extensions that have already been tested by time:

  • All In One WP Security;
  • MemberLux;
  • Clearfy;
  • Instagram Feed;
  • WP-Note;
  • All in One Seo Pack.

The engine itself is becoming more secure with each update. In addition, additional plugins are being developed that enhance protection. Well, you yourself need to be careful and cautious.Even simple security rules cannot be neglected, the same complex password and changing the standard Admin name play an important role.

Of all hacker attacks on the Internet, WordPress sites take up almost 80% of cases. In 2011 was the most powerful DDOS attack in the history of the engine. Then more than 18 million sites suffered from the hands of intruders. Similar cases were later, but no such scale was observed anymore.

Interesting facts about WordPress

WordPress engine has a long history of development, there were many interesting points. Nobody knows that after high-profile hacks, company employees flew out of high-ranking positions, how much they earn, and so on. We bring to your attention a series of the most interesting facts from the life of WordPress:

  1. The popularity of the engine is supported not only by numerous posts, lessons and instructions. In search engines, there are actually a lot of results for WordPress, the latest version of the engine was downloaded 4 million times, and the total amount of resources using the platform approaches 20 million (the official figure):

Interesting facts about WordPress, protection, popularity

  1. Why does everyone choose WordPress? Because for this platform, almost 50,000 free plug-ins and a little more than 4,000 free templates have been created. Every year this figure increases. According to analysts, almost 70 million posts are published monthly on sites created via WP:

Interesting facts about WordPress, protection, popularity

  1. Every year, there is an increase in the number of pages added using WordPress in the internet. If we compare the results of 2013 and 2016, the figure has increased by 2 times. It speaks of the rapid development of the platform, it is used by website developers more and more often:

Interesting facts about WordPress, protection, popularity

  1. During its existence, WordPress managed to acquire solid partners. These are not just small Internet projects, but entire corporations with a turnover in excess of $ 100 million and a decent staff. Among the most popular ones:

Interesting facts about WordPress, protection, popularity

Interesting facts about WordPress, protection, popularity

Interesting facts about WordPress, protection, popularity

  1. In 2016 (like in previous years) there was an increase in hacker attacks. Due to the high popularity and the huge number of sites created, WordPress ranks first in the number of attacks. Indicators are very different, if 78% of attacks were carried out on sites launched through WordPress, then only 14% of attacks were conducted on sites created in Joomla:

Interesting facts about WordPress, protection, popularity

  1. There were no loud negative moments either. From a huge number of constant hacker attacks, some still worked. The most large-scale cases occurred in 2011, 2014 and 2016, a huge number of webmasters suffered from the actions of intruders:

Interesting facts about WordPress, protection, popularity

  1. WordPress engine is free, as well as a huge number of themes plugins. Nevertheless, the company makes a profit, but the average salaries of employees differ from the income of the developers of other CMS. The numbers are not very different, but note that these are thousands of dollars:

Interesting facts about WordPress, protection, popularity

  1. To create personal websites and blogs, the WordPress platform uses world-wide stars. Rumor has it that Sylvester Stallone himself mentioned WordPress and said that this is the best option for creating websites. In any case, there are many other famous personalities whose sites are created with the help of the engine:

Interesting facts about WordPress, protection, popularity

  1. In addition to the stars, large companies also use the engine. Their brands know everything, and a platform is used to develop news sites, technical blogs, large corporate sites. A regular man in the street, when visiting a particular site, does not even realize that the resource was created on WP:

Interesting facts about WordPress, protection, popularity

  1. There are plug-ins and templates that are used more often than others. In the image below, we will present the TOP 3 themes and plugins sold. In addition, users often download extensions UberMenu, Akismet, Woocommerce, YoastSeo. TOP places also share the templates Betheme, Bridge, Customizr, Vantage and Hueman:

Interesting facts about WordPress, protection, popularity

You can’t argue with real data and statistics. All facts are reliable, and the figures are taken from official sources. When choosing the engine, you should definitely pay more attention to the WordPress platform. Today it is the best CMS, rightfully occupying the first place in any indicators.

What is CMS WordPress? This is a huge number of free themes and templates, ample opportunities for developers, ease of creating sites and a lot of training materials on the Internet for beginners.

Other platforms also have advantages, but if we compare them in general, then WordPress simply does not exist worthy competitors.

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