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Having decided to launch a serious project, start a business or build a successful career, you must first study the chosen niche in detail.

In particular, you need to know about your rights and learn the laws. The Internet is now the most popular niche for opening different types of business, but many people are not aware of the laws relating to the world wide web.

Intellectual property right, what is it? This is one of the laws that every blogger, webmaster, copywriter, owner of a YouTube channel and everyone who earns on the Internet should know about.

In more developed countries, even schoolchildren are aware of this right, but in Russia and some adults it is difficult to define intellectual property .

Intellectual Property Rights | Workion. ru

Everything that a person does at the expense of his knowledge and skills becomes his property. Naturally, when buying a car, an apartment and other large objects, special contracts are concluded, but the lack of documentation does not mean that a person is not entitled to anything.

A great example of this is musical works, photographs, broadcasts, texts - all these are objects of intellectual property. Only their author has the right to use, and all others need his permission.

Even if there are no official documents, no one has the right to use the property of another person for personal purposes .

The judicial practice in this respect is more developed abroad. Many people have won cases with intellectual property claims. In Russia, it is not so common that you can see by the amount of copied data on the network.

Types of intellectual rights

Surely you have heard about copyright, so, this is just one of the components of intellectual property rights. The copyright is assigned to the authors of any information (music, video, text, pictures, etc.), and there is no need to have written confirmation.

In addition to this right, there are other types of intellectual rights:

  • related rights (if the object does not comply with copyright regulation);
  • patent law (the possibility of using property by patent);
  • rights to means of individualization (most often applied to trademarks, logos);
  • right to trade secrets (trade secret of the production of the original object);
  • protection New plant varieties (copyright on new plant varieties).

We will not go deeper into each of the species, since they are similar in many respects and assume copyright. Speaking in a simple way, intellectual rights prohibit the free use of information and various objects created by man.

Intellectual Property Rights | Workion. ru

Protection of intellectual property rights

To be honest, there is no protection on the Internet, anyone can copy your information and only after contacting it can be removed.

You don’t need to go to court because someone took advantage of your property if it’s not creative enough and didn’t bring you big losses, because you will lose the case anyway.

If you believe that your rights have been violated and you have lost your intellectual property, you can put the attacker in place.

To summarize, I would like to remind all lovers to copy someone else's information and use content that you did not create - sooner or later, this will cause you problems. Do not violate the copyright, otherwise you may see the offender in court.

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