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All at least once faced with insurance companies. These are large structures with stable incomes that have existed for decades. Many people would like to build their career working in a reputable company. And someone would like to have their insurance business. Now you have a unique opportunity to build your profitable business for years to come in insurance. How is this possible?

New insurance partner program allows you not only to give traffic for a penny. This is full participation in the insurance business. Mostly the best car sites are converted as 99% of motorists buy CTP policies and 60% CASCO. Now, after overcoming the crisis, there has been a significant increase in sales of voluntary medical insurance policies and after a large number of fires and natural disasters of property insurance policies. Therefore, we also offer the conversion of traffic on medical topics, participating in sales of voluntary medical insurance policies. DMS policy on average is 2-3 times more expensive than CTP policy, besides, we offer you up to 7% of its cost. In addition, traffic on the topic of real estate and repairs can also be converted in our affiliate program. With us you can get up to 10% of the cost of a real estate insurance policy.

Therefore, having websites with automotive, medical, and real estate, you can easily build your stable and absolutely legal business. The commission is about 5% of the policies of CTP, CASCO, LCA and real estate insurance. How much is it in rubles?

  • Policy CTP costs from 2 to 9.2 thousand rubles - income up to 500 rubles.
  • Policy CASCO costs from 20 to 200 thousand rubles - income up to 10 thousand rubles.
  • Policy LCA from 12 to 70 thousand rubles - your income is up to 3.5 thousand rubles.
  • Policy property insurance approximately from 5 to 30 thousand rubles - your income is up to 2 thousand rubles for a policy.

But the main thing is that Reliable insurance is an agent of only the leading companies of the Russian insurance market (A ++ reliability rating, A +), due to which high loyalty of potential customers is achieved and, as a result, high conversion of your traffic. Yes, such companies do not pay high commissions (which is why we can offer you only 5%), but with them we can build long-term relationships, stable business and earnings, without unexpected disappearances and bankruptcies. If you like this approach, join us and build your profitable business.

You can also hire other webmasters to participate in our program, we pay 1% for referrals, and we use a combination of Flash cookies, standard cookies and IP addresses to track referrals. This is the most advanced tracking method, it provides maximum reliability. You can be 100% sure that your customers and referrals are tracked correctly. In this case, for those who do not like to click on links with Ref Id, you can put a direct link to us (after registering the page in your personal account) and your clients or referrals will still be tracked.

Partners with traffic from the Moscow region are invited to cooperate, in the future programs will be expanded to the largest cities of the Russian Federation (St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan, etc.).

Successful traffic conversion !!!

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