Instructions on how to upload photos to Instagram

The number of Instagram users is growing at a tremendous rate, while many have not yet had time to register on this social network.

Therefore, there are often questions on the Internet about how to use the mobile application and site. The functionality in the mobile version is wider, so it is better to download the program.

How to upload photos on Instagram? The most popular question for newbies. In fact, it is very easy to do; in this article you will find detailed instructions. At once I would like to say that it is impossible to post photos on an instagram from a computer, there is simply no such function on the site.

Instructions on how to upload photos to Instagram

The only way to add photos without using a mobile device is to use an emulator.

It was described in the article "Instagram registration through computer". Install a special program and turn your PC into a device with Android, then without any problems, upload photos to your instagram from memory.

It is much easier to upload photos via Instagram from your phone or tablet. Naturally, you need to install their application, register, or log in to your account.

Next, the following actions are performed:

  1. From any section, you need to click on the icon in the center to proceed to creating a snapshot or loading it from memory:
  2. Instructions on how to upload photos to Instagram
  3. First, you will be taken to a page from which already taken photos are loaded. You need to select "Photo" and you can take a picture (press the center of the circle and take a photo):
  4. Instructions on how to upload photos to Instagram
  5. After taking a photo, you will be prompted to apply filters or go to the "Edit" tab, To edit a snapshot:
  6. Instructions on how to upload photos to Instagram
  7. After making the necessary changes, click on the forward arrow (located at the top right), it will remain to take the last step. Add a caption, choose who will see the picture, mark friends, add a place and share a photo on social networks:
  8. Instructions on how to upload photos to Instagram

Finish all settings and click on the check mark in the upper right corner , you were able to post photos in instagram online. Now he will be seen by everyone whom you gave permission in the settings. Be sure to check what you post, not all pictures can be made public.

Which photos to post to Instagram?

In social networks, entire groups are dedicated to unsuccessful selfies. This is the format of photos most often added to Instagram. Most often, people forget about some details when taking a picture.

For example, they do not think that something can be reflected in the mirror or be in the background:

Instructions on how to upload photos to Instagram

What else should I say about the photos, then better not to post them immediately. Make it a rule to process each shot. Then you will notice everything that can make your subscribers laugh, and also make your photos more beautiful.

Know who collects more likes on Instagram? Anyone who tries to lay out something interesting. People take photos from travels, take pictures with celebrities, shoot something creative, unusual and so on.

Although there are those who will never achieve popularity, because it puts:

  • a bunch of similar selfies;
  • not high-quality pictures;
  • old and not interesting pictures;
  • only photos of goods;
  • not aesthetic pictures.

It is much better to upload entertaining photos on Instagram , touching, cute, vital or encouraging. Few people try to come up with a fresh idea for each photo, and then wonder why no one subscribes to the account.

Spread photos on Instagram and remember that well-promoted pages make money. We told about it in the article about earnings on Instagram.

Pictures on social networks are becoming public knowledge, so you shouldn’t upload everything that got into the camera lens.

Take the place of other users, what would you be interested in yourself and for what pictures would you decide to subscribe to your account? This is the best way to generate ideas and understand which photos to post on Instagram.

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