Instructions - How to become a YouTube partner?

With the help of large sites, you can make good money, especially if you can create content and attract attention.

Everyone knows that owners of promoted channels on YouTube make big money. This video hosting has become the main source of income for thousands of partners, both abroad and in Russia.

YouTube Partner, how to become one? A few years ago, in order to participate in the YouTube affiliate program, it was necessary to send an application and wait for an answer, but today this procedure has become easier. Through your profile settings, you can easily enable the monetization of the YouTube channel and become a partner.

Instructions - How to become a YouTube partner?

YouTube Partner Program

Why should you become a video hosting partner at all? This allows you to set an advertisement in the video. Surely you watched an ad when watching a video that is shown at the beginning (you can sometimes skip it):

Instructions - How to become a YouTube partner?

To add it on your channel, you will need to become a partner. Partnership also allows you to earn on annotations and paid subscriptions. In general, this is a worthwhile matter for video bloggers, but not everyone will be able to get partner status.

Here are some of the conditions of the YouTube partner program:

  • monetization connection is not available for all countries (you may need to apply);
  • is prohibited mislead users (for example, using logos);
  • the account must have a good reputation and be allowed to monetize;
  • you will not be able to become a partner if you use cheat;
  • placed content should not cause an objection to the advertiser;
  • partners can not add third-party advertising in the video;
  • you must follow all the rules and loviya video sharing
  • in the commercials should not express hatred, discriminatory expressions of eroticism and violence;
  • to observe the copyrights.

If your channel does not meet one of the conditions, you cannot become a partner. Also, some YouTube partners lose this status if they break the rules after joining the affiliate program.

Successful partners make more money with YouTube , so this niche remains profitable. It makes no sense to connect to the program, if the video views are in the tens or hundreds, it will not bring you profit and you may be denied the partnership.

Therefore, first achieve popularity, and only then send the application and start monetizing the channel.

If you have invested huge efforts, but the administration of the video hosting service refuses you, you can use alternative methods. In the article How to make money on the YouTube channel, we presented 6 different options. At least one of them should definitely suit you.

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